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Government of Occupation

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This is the first test I did to see if the film idea for END:CIV would fly. The aspect ratio is 4:3 which I will adjust to 16:9 in the coming months. Derrick Jensen came to Vancouver in 2007 and I taped him giving his powerful “Endgame talk” in front of a green screen at VIVO. The archival footage is from

END:CIV Premise 1

Posted in Corporations, Direct Action & Civil Disobedience, Environment, Revolution with tags on February 3, 2010 by 571mul570r

This piece breaks down the first premise of Derrick Jensen’s Endgame

Civilization is not and can never be sustainable. This is especially true for industrial civilization.

Features interviews with Ward Churchill, John Zerzan, Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith and Michael Becker

All Out Against the 2010 Winter Olympic Games!

Posted in Direct Action & Civil Disobedience, Environment, General News, Housing Rights, Indigenous, Police State, Revolution with tags on January 11, 2010 by 571mul570r

orn_psa_thumbThe 2010 Winter Olympics will take place in Vancouver & Whistler, on unceded Indigenous land, from February 12-28 2010. We call on all anti-capitalist, Indigenous, housing rights, labour, migrant justice, environmental, anti-war, community-loving, anti-poverty, civil libertarian, and anti colonial activists to come together to confront this two-week circus and the oppression it represents. We are organizing towards a global anti-capitalist and anti-colonial convergence against the 2010 Olympic Games.

BASIC SCHEDULE: The basic plan thus far is: – Conference and People’s Summit on Wed Feb 10- Thurs Feb 11 – Fri Feb 12: Take Back Our City! “Welcome” the 2010 Olympic Torch with Free Games, Free Speech, and Free Food! Beginning with a festival at the Vancouver Art Gallery at 3 pm, followed by a parade and protest to BC Place Stadium. Details, including childcare arrangements, at:

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