O Canada, the home of native lands

By David Sugar

While it is funny at first to hear a nation filled with squatters singing of their “native land”, the humor wore off a long time ago. One really has to have a good idea of what is happening in the real Kanienkehaka, in indigenous Canada, and particularly the Haudenosaune lands, to fully comprehend what is today the British dominion of Canada.

First it is essential to consider that while there is a “government”, it is essentially the colonial caretaker of what is claimed to be the Queen’s “property”. Recent colonial administrations, such as the present Harper government, are actively trying to sell the land and resources, including so called “human resources”, of a privately instituted and legally registered holding company, “Canada Inc”, to other private companies. Imagine living by a lake and finding one day you, your house, and the lake you fish at are now the private property of a corporation, a modern form of direct slavery. The one inconvenient problem with all this is that the lands of British Canada is actually held under what is called “Aboriginal Title”, and hence the original inhabitants, and not, as claimed, by the crown.

To help solve this “problem”, the government of British Canada has instituted a reign of terror on indigenous communities, not much unlike what happened in Lakotah when the United States wanted to seize Uranium rights to the sacred black hills (He Sapa) for politically connected corporations. In fact, Uranium mining also has a role in British Canada, but is only part of a wholesale plan to rape the lands, which include mass water diversion projects to sell water to the United States, timber, etc.

Smoke engulfs a minivan as it is overturned during 2006 land-claim protests near disputed Caledonia, Ont., site. Neil Dring Photo/Grand River Sachem

Much like the United States with the help of Dicky Wilson, the British Canadian government has established political cronies in colonial created band councils to try and help facilitate the transfer of lands from the true titleholders to this “Canada, Inc” established for maintaining and selling the crown lands to private corporations. Their tools remain fraud, division, and deceit, for they have no legitimate means of persuasion. That British Canada exists at all is in that violence remains the only means they have to impose their will. However, this does not make British Canada a true nation, but rather an occupation.

Sometimes the process of land theft has been almost comic, such as the creation of “no-gonquins”, people who have no actual blood status, but that British Canada claims can try to define as Indian rather than accepting the definition of the various nations, to pad votes and negotiate land theft, or even create entirely fake protests. Other times had has been brutally violent, including police murder and disappearances of activists, and of course mass murder of children at the boarding schools, or more personal and direct such as the attempted assassination of MNN publisher Kahentinetha Horn by British Canadian security forces. The purpose as a whole is genocide for the only thing standing in the way of selling the land of Canada Inc to private property owners is the birthright of the legitimate titleholders to the lands.

While open racism and violence continues to be the primary way that the government of British Canada relates to it’s indigenous population, some things have gotten better. The government of British Canada today classifies indigenous peoples as “terrorists” by birth and is training with cut-outs of indigenous women on their firing ranges along with ordering new uniforms designed specifically to blend into Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal to wage combat operations in urban centers in British Canada. This is perhaps actually an improvement from simply being considered funny two legged animals to use for medical experiments and the like.


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