2010 Olympic Resistance Gets Wild

On February 13, 2010 the Heart Attack March took to the streets of Vancouver aimed at blocking the vital transportation routes for the Winter Olympics, or as the organizers put it, “blocking the arteries of capitalism.” Protesters largely overwhelmed Vancouver police until riot squads moved in to suppress the demonstrators. The below video shows scenes from the day and talks to participants about what happened and why they were on the street.

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Olympics Riot 2010: Photos From the Frontlines *

Heart Attack Talk Back

From Beneath the Snow

Angry Bystander: “You don’t have the support of the public”
Calm Anarchist: “We are the public”

From yesterday’s anarchist presence in the “family friendly” Take Back Our City march directed against the Olympic opening ceremonies to this morning’s anarchist-organized Heart Attack directed at blocking road access to the first day of Olympic games, the anarchists and especially black bloc contingent have been a strong force of resistance here in the Unceded Coast Salish Territory. That’s often true at such convergences. What’s especially striking here, though, is how disciplined and strategically–even politically–effective they’ve been, and how much respect they’ve earned through their organizing efforts leading up to this point as well as their actions on the streets.

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Couldn’t make it to Vancouver? Capitalism got ya’ down? Check out this list of Olympic corporate sponsors for targets you can strike almost anywhere, anytime… SOLIDARITY MEANS ATTACK!

Vancouver: anarchist “ringleader” arrested in Olympic violence:

by WW4 Report, 02/17/2010

Guillame Joseph-Marc Beaulieu, 27 of Vancouver, has been arrested as the “ringleader” of the “Black Bloc” anarchists who rioted in the city in protests against the Winter Olympics Feb. 14. He is charged with mischief and faces fines of over $5,000. Lliam Brander, 27, of North Vancouver has been charged with assault. The investigation continues and further arrests may be pending, police say. Among 11 arrested so far, one is from Shoreline, Wash. He has been charged with possession of weapons and handed over to immigration. (Vancouverite, Feb. 16)

Up to 300 masked and black-clad young people rampaged through Vancouver as the games got underway, overturning mail boxes, spray-painting vehicles and smashing windows at a department store in a protest billed as an effort to “Clog the Arteries of Capitalism.” (Reuters, Feb. 14)

A Feb. 15 communiqué from the Black Bloc read: “The media are now busy denouncing the political violence of property destruction, such as the smashing of a Hudson’s Bay Company window, as though it were the only act of violence happening in this city. They forget that economic violence goes on daily in Vancouver. People are suffering and dying from preventable causes because welfare doesn’t give enough to afford rent, food or medicine, and because authorities routinely ignore the medical emergencies of poor or homeless individuals. This economic violence has gotten worse as we lose housing and social services because of the Olympic Games.” (Vancouver Observer, Feb. 15)

See our last posts on Canada and the anarchist scare.


Solidarity actions:

Guelph, Ontario: Royal Bank Sabotaged

On Tuesday, February 16, 2010, a Royal Bank location at Kortright and Gordon Street in Guelph was sabotaged. We filled the locks and ATM card slots with strong adhesives. This was done in solidarity with the struggle against the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Sabotage the Banks! Sabotage the Systems of Social Control!



We Are McLovin Anti-Olympic Action!

Valentine’s day 2010, Calgary’s finest Anarchists smashed up a local McDonalds establishment in solidarity with comrades in Vancouver. Olympic sponsors all over Calgary have been targeted in acts of comradeship with the protesters in Vancouver. At approximately 1:30am at 4th street and 23rd ave NW, a group of Anarchists ran up and destroyed the establishment leaving it in shambles. We’re McLovin it on Valentine’s day!

Kickin’it old school and keepin’ it real in Cowlgury!


Steal our Natve land?! Well we’ll steal your Olympics!

February 14th, 2010 at approximately 11:30pm, a group of Anarcho-hooligans approached an obviously pro-Olympic residence in Calgary, Alberta. After hopping the fence into the yard, a hand welded and hand painted steel set of Olympic rings was stolen from hanging on a tree under a spotlight, and disposed of immediately. This was an act of solidarity with our comrades in Vancouver fighting to stop the Olympics.

Quote of the day:

“Kill Capitalism! Occupy Everything!” LOL.


On the night of February 11th, an RBC was attacked on the corner of Southland Drive and Fairmont in Calgary, Alberta. Windows were smashed in solidarity with those who are oppressed by the 2010 Olympics.

Homes not games!


Other coverage:

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