Communique from the Occupied HCC

The Evergreen State College, Coast Salish Territories

We just realized we’ve been paying money in order to follow rules. Rules that we have no say in. We also realized that soon we will be paying even more money and following even more rules that we still have no control over, and it makes us disheartened, discouraged and frustrated.

Realizing these things and feeling this way led us to the discovery that we can and should be able to commandeer the facilities that we are paying for. We realized that we can stop being subjects ruled by an administration, a bureaucracy and a campus police force. We realized that we are autonomous and free people, capable of anything.

And so, we decided to occupy the Housing Community Center (HCC).

The administration claims that the HCC is already a common space for the students. If this were truly the case, we would not have to occupy anything; we could use it whenever we wanted.

If any of us ever hope to create spaces in which we are no longer ruled, we have to not only have no rulers, but also do a better job than our current administrators. Otherwise, we are kidding ourselves. The administration prides itself on its coercive benevolence. “We care about you,” they say. “We only want what’s best. We are here to protect and serve. Trust us, we know what you’re feeling. Here, have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” We’d prefer not to listen to Les Purce, the businessman with the mansion. We can actually take care of ourselves, believe it or not. Our smiley-faced rulers are no longer necessary.

We don’t need a new CAB building. We don’t need to vote on a plan that they drew up without us. We no longer need to settle for the lesser of two evils. Everything that we paid for is ours. Everything is ours. It’s right there in front of you, waiting for the intention, the desire and the effort.

They have nothing to give. We have everything to take.

Occupy Everything.

Demand Nothing.

– From a band of individuals unaffiliated with any organization or student group.

We are autonomous individuals.

Strike! Occupy! Takeover!


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