Games Over! Resistance Lives!

Celebrating Unity & Solidarity

Sunday FEB 28th, 2010 at 1:00 PM
Smithe and Cambie

Followed by celebration at 4:30 pm of 2 weeks of dignity, hope and freedom at Olympic Tent Village. [info below on tent village]

Bring the NOISE! Pots, pans, drums and noisemakers welcome! Join us in a noisy public festival to celebrate our communities and our resistance. Just because the IOC says the games are over doesn’t mean it’s over.

Our struggles for justice as indigenous, migrant, poor, working class and queer communities existed before the olympic and paralympic games and will exist after. The games have also provided a spark that we hope will inspire all effected communities to bind together in our coming struggles to attain justice.

These were not the greenest games – they were the corporate greenwash games. They were not the socially responsible games – homelessness tripled as billions were spent on highways and convention centers for the rich. And these games occurred on un-ceded territories where the indigenous communities continue to be on the front lines defending lands from industrial expansion.

In the coming budget BC residents will likely see massive cuts to healthcare, education, affordable housing, public transit, sports and recreation, and other priorities. While the IOC, VANOC and the ableist games will be gone, we are still here!

Join us after the rally at the Olympic Tent Village to celebrate 2 weeks of dignity, hope and freedom. The festivities,start at 4:30pm at 58 West Hastings. Meal, drummers and entertainment. All welcome!

Solidarity & Unity!
The resistance will continue!
Join us and let’s make some NOISE!

For more information contact:


Please join us to celebrate

58 W. Hastings, Across Army & Navy
Meal, Drummers, Entertainment
All Welcome!


The Olympic Tent Village was established on Monday February 15 on the
empty lot at 58 West Hastings. The lot is owned by Olympic sponsor Concord Pacific, which has plans to build 160 condos on the site. Before being liberated as the Tent Village, the lot was being used as a VANOC parking lot.

Instead of empty lots and empty promises, the Olympic Tent Village calls for:

1. Real action to end homelessness now

2. End condo development and displacement in the Downtown Eastside

3. End discriminatory ticketing, police harassment, and all forms of
criminalization of poverty


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