D-FUK Says, ‘It’s on!’ to Arizona State University

From So What if all the colleges burn down:

We are a Cadre of Anarchist students who happen to attend or have attended mainstream educational institutions; State Universities, Private Universities, Community Colleges and so on. We view Academia as, an institution that reifies claims to privilege and systems of oppression. Our work around the University consists of using it as strategic location to cause ruptures, confront enemies, build alternatives, and explore ideas. At the very least it is a place with a lot of resources for us to take. We personally do not see any use in dropping out, but if you want to, go for it! We encourage diversity of tactics. We position ourselves against all forms of oppression and hierarchy. We’re kind of over this whole thing they call ‘civilization’ too.

We are not fucking concise.

Dear ASU, Where the Fuck is my radical student movement?

The Problems…

What we see…

Universities resemble capitalist dystopias filled with unapologetic apathy. It is thus no wonder that radical student movements do not arise. Existent student movements and activist groups are hierarchical and filled with the worst kind of leaders, lackeys, and politicians: apologists who, while having a few good intuitions, make us uncomfortable with their reliance on tried and failed methods of ending forms of oppression. They take socially and politically reformist stances on gender, race, class discrimination; animal rights; environmental degradation; war and refuse to recognize the limits of their actions. Reform is not the capital T truth as they want you to believe. In fact, it is the enemy. Thus we obviously cannot participate with these groups: trust us, we’ve tried. Moreover, they are not intellectually honest enough to ask the necessary and harder questions of the power structures within which they participate.

What keeps us up at night…

Additionally, it continually goes unrecognized that ASU is one of the largest and most alienating institutions in existence: tens of thousands of descend upon the campus to sleepwalk through shallow existences, passively accepting their inevitable injection into the capitalist system (and active participation in the creation and perpetuation of it, in the meanwhile). It is sad to see so many blindly accepting this fate, so much so that even those who call out in anger and dream of other possible worlds are silenced by irreverence and indifference. It is clear that students have lost the necessary ‘fight’ to fend off this stagnation. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Some examples of Anarchists in action…

Things are very exciting now. Anarchists are transcending the Leftist dominated dialogue and accelerating beyond Leftist approved actions. For example: At the ASU Downtown campus, we confronted Sherriff Arpaio and turned the contrived spectacle on its head: we forced Arpaio to leave early, and the police guards in the lobby wallowed in impotence as we took over the lobby and sang and danced. This ‘we’ refers to some students but mostly community members. But that divide is unnecessary. We are all both. Students: Wise up to the radical community so beautifully coalescing before you. The conclusion is that students need to transcend the walls surrounding their safe knowledge factory. Share. Everything. From the books in the library, to the articles in the databases, and art supplies in art studios…

A monopoly on knowledge is no less harmful than a monopoly on a material commodity.

Get moving…

We imagine a world WITHOUT capitalism, the state, colonialism, destruction of the natural environment, exploitation of workers, racism, hierarchy, marginalization of all those ascribed as ‘deviant’ and those whose natural abilities are not the same as the majority’s.

We want to rejoice and dance on the graves of politicians and CEOs, amongst the ruins of buildings which used to cast shadows over our lives. We want to see plants reclaiming grounds that used to be theirs and tree roots breaking apart sidewalks and streets…

Taking this all into account, the next course of action seems obvious:

we must attack the University itself: take things, break things, spit in our enemies’ faces, maybe drop some lit to inform the gawking masses.

You’ve allowed us no other choice…

There’s some new kids in town who are going to start mixing shit up. Get out of the way or join in the fun.

We don’t really care.

-Disaffected Fanatical University Kids (D-FUK)

For Anarchy! For never having to say we are sorry!


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