Mosque ado about Nothing

By Nathaniel Mayer

I’m putting this thing to bed now.  It needs to stop.  The “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy is a bait and switch tactic being used by mainstream media and our government to take our attention away from the issues that really matter. They would rather have us focus on trivial nonsense.  After all, this is an election year and if we’re “withdrawing” from Iraq than we need some reason to go deeper into Afghanistan.  So, I am putting the final nail in this coffin, getting the facts in order, and we’ll agree never to discuss this nonsense again.

The new 15 story building at Park51 is to be a hub of worship, culture, and education. The Cordoba Initiatives’ plan is to create a place where people of all can work in harmony and enjoy their community. The Cordoba House (funded partially by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf), named after the Spanish City, is supposed to invoke a “model for peaceful existence” between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Daisy Khan, executive director of the project said, “It’s going to be a place not only for Muslim activity, but interfaith activity of the highest order… Most of the resistance we’ve encountered has been from people who don’t know the Muslim community”. Khan went on to say, “It’s just fear of the unknown, and it’s our job to approach and reach out to those people, and try to show them what our community and what our message is really all about”.

The building model is just a fancy partially Muslim-backed Y.M.C.A. including a 500-seat theater, conference rooms, restaurants, cooking classes, senior citizen program, library, and gym; with one floor as a dedicated prayer center. It already has a 9/11 victims memorial inside and will not even be visible from Ground Zero since it’s two and a half New York blocks away.  Besides all of this, it has been being used as a Muslim prayer center to seat up to 450 people since Sept. 2009.  Why is it suddenly a big deal right now?

So really, it’s the shiny set of keys our paternal government shakes in front of our ignorant, drooling faces to take our attention away from what really matters, the Truth.  Sara Palin and Newt Gingrich are using it as a method to attack the left and Obama is using it to play with the public like a laser pointer with a kitten.  Even the Mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg, didn’t bother to define what the building really is; he just used the opportunity to be another nonsensical Talking Head, and further perpetuating this hollow debate.

The problem is nobody is looking at this correctly. Even if you believe that Sept 11th was caused by these “Islamic” hijackers, who had liaisons with women and drank in public at strip-clubs, all activities a real Muslims wouldn’t take part in, that would still be just a Rogue Faction of Islam who happened to share an extreme view of that religion.  We are not at war with the entire Muslim nation.

If you’re going to say that this community center may somehow become a Terrorist Cell then listen to John Stewart eloquently connect similar dots, to show how Fox News is a Terrorist Network.  If you’re going to say it’s in bad taste for the neighborhood, then consider the bars, stripclubs, sex shops and peep shows all in the same area.

We have all been force-fed this hatred against Muslims. Its sole purpose is to give us a seemingly real and tangible image, an Evil Specter to go to war with.  We need to justify our lust for oil and the Taliban is our generation’s Nazi.  Our hate for this entity is being ramped up to justify further military presence wherever these strange foreign terrorist may be lurking.  The War on Terror needs petrol to burn and this ignorant babble, veiled in political controversy, is the perfect provider of fuel.  The people have been losing faith in their War so they need a cause, something to keep the passion going.

So what do we talk about instead of this and Lindsay Lohan? Well, General Patraeus just requested 2,000 more troops be sent to Afghanistan for a war no one can seem to justify. Obama is pushing a big tax hikedoomed stimulus package for about 50 billion dollars; all while the nation’s economy is sinking and unemployment is at a record highWTC Building 7 was obviously toppled by a controlled demolition, and the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster is only getting worse.  These are all topics we should be focusing on, not this senseless invisible issue over a community center building.

Nathaniel Mayer is a journalist and freelance writer based out of
California. He's been writing for nearly a decade and currently does regular
columns for

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