IMF Resistance Network Calls for an International Night of Action Against Capitalism

Call for an International Night of Action Against Capitalism on October 8, 2010

The street is a space that we create together, a space that has become fragmented by private property and the flow of capital. Because the flow of capital needs this space to function, this is the ground on which it is most vulnerable. The idea of real public space has been robbed from the people. This space needs to be defended and united against the forces of oppression and capitalist concepts of production. We assert that this space must be retaken! It is ours to take, we are the public, and this is public space. When we ask “whose streets?” it is most important that we answer for ourselves “our streets!” because they are ours to define, and we, not the police, set the stage for them to function.

On the night of October 8th the International Monetary Fund and World Bank delegates will be in Washington DC meeting with their corporate cronies. On this night they will be wining and dining in some of the most lavish hotels in the world, planning how to facilitate the enclosure and sale of the worlds streets to the highest bidder. It is in the streets that we propose this be challenged. The IMF Resistance Network is calling for an international night of action against capitalism to reclaim our streets and our lives. From the streets of DC to streets around the world we will assert that all streets belong to the people. The time for negotiation has ended, all our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. It has become clear that we cannot ask trade ministers and capitalists to not function as trade ministers and capitalists. This is not about dialogue, this is a fight to retake our lives, and this is a fight that tolerates no compromise.

On October 8th we will begin to retake our streets and our lives. The time to ask is over, we need to retake our spaces, to reclaim our streets, to assert that we are the ones that create this space, and our creation will not be sold out from under us.

Love and rage,

The IMF Resistance Network

Action Details For Washington DC

In Washington, DC we are calling for a night march on the IMF as well as autonomous actions across the city. Our desire is to make sure that both tactics will complement each other.

The march will be leaving from 16th and Harvard streets at 10:30PM.

We encourage those that may engage in autonomous actions to have medical support. To contact medics please email medics [AT] imfresistance|DOT|org.

We are also encouraging those that may be planning public actions on the night of October 8th to get in contact with the IMF Resistance Network by emailing contact[AT]imfresistance|DOT|org so we can network actions globally. All announced actions will appear on the schedule on the Solidarity section of the web site.


Check out our ride board here.

Sign up for announcements here.


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