Guerilla Formation Lambros Foundas attacks in Athens

The king is naked….behind the institutions, the laws, the uniforms, the condemnatory decisions, behind the policies and the symbols of the regime faces are hidden. Faces with names, addresses and roles that in the stratification of power each one of whom has a share and the weight of their position and choices.

Our position and choices have been clear for a while now. We declared, moreover, that we would come to your homes. Thus, in the early morning of Saturday 15/1 we visited Kalliopi Spanou in the complex of apartments where she lives in Halandri on Zaimi Street 38 and as a token of “appreciation” to her, we left an incendiary device made from 5 litres of petrol and 3 gas cannisters. We decided to place the device in the courtyard and not near a door or window in order to avoid injuring another tenant or even your own daughter. As for your “honourable” husband and his role we will talk about that in the future.

We see the concealment of this attack as part of the efforts of the enemy to strengthen the climate of safety and control.

Kalliopi Spanou is the successor of Giorgos Kaminis in the position of citizens’ advocate. This appointed and “independent” authority has as its mission the minimization of friction between the regime and society, and is nothing more than the oil in the cogwheels of the government machinery.

All well respected “ladies” and “gentlemen” should know that at the moment you build careers as miserable pillars and employees, the political court marshals are set up, our comrades are tortured, they are persecuted, imprisoned, friendly relations are criminalized and the seal of the antiterrorist provisions falls upon every part that resists and acts.

Know, also, that your overloaded social position will not be forgotten let alone forgiven… you will be accountable you scum and because in the days to come the helicopters cannot fit you all, the best thing you can do in order to save your dignity even at the last moment is to perform hara-kiri in Syntagma square [main square in athens, right in front of parliament]. We draw the dividing lines. We fight, we do not recede, receding means quitting. We speak we do not keep quiet, silence is compliance. We do not flinch, we transfer fear to the camp of the enemy and light the fuse of revenge.

Shame to the spectators, the submissive, to those that bow their head and turn the other cheek. We accept responsibility for our actions, we all know what’s going on and no one is unfortunate, the history of each one us is written and cannot be unwritten.

At this point we want to stress that the criticism between revolutionaries and the people that fight should be evolutionary and promote the struggle itself, otherwise it ends up being merely comments of a kind that conceal bickering and inaction.

We dedicate our attack to the jailed members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire H.Hajimihelakis, P.Argirou that are on trial as of Monday 17/1 in the political court martial of koridallos prisons, as well as P.Masouras, K.Karakatsani, G.Karagiannidis, A.Mitrousias, who deny the charges and are on trial for the same case.

We greet the call to a militant expedition of solidarity of the Warriors of Revolutionary Conscience.

Solidarity for us is the struggle itself.


we will be back…..



Deputy Ombudsman Mrs. Kalliopi Spanou is currently carrying out the duties of the Greek Ombudsman, following Mr. Yiorgos Kaminis’ resignation. Mrs Spanou is Professor of Administrative Science at the University of Athens.

What the Greek Ombudsman does, in their own words: The Greek Ombudsman is a constitutionally sanctioned Independent Authority. It was founded in October 1998 and operates under the provisions of Law 3094/2003.

The Greek Ombudsman investigates individual administrative actions or omissions or material actions taken by government departments or public services that infringe upon the personal rights or violate the legal interests of individuals or legal entities.


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