Four cop cars torched by Revolutionary Groups for the Spreading of Terror — Athens, Greece

The communique:

“A PLAN Saturday 2nd of July, just before 2am and while Athens stays up under the non stop beats of the clubs and parties, we chose for once more to place our own opinions for must hits of the summertime. The target this time, dear and not least, the dogs of democracy, commonly known as cop pigs. In the war that we experience the only images of jubilation are the aggressive practices against so much the enemy as much as its materials means. We do not need to enter into logics of dilemmas, what is needed is ammunition, imagination and a specific plan of attack. We took therefore our incendiary devices and headed towards the Thicket of Nea Smirni. There were “waiting” for us, 4 parked municipal cop cars. The only problematic of our relatively easy mission was the wooden lodge with the security guards/well wishing snitches. Fortunately for them the god of luck (and not only) smiled to them and all during the mission they did not turn their eyes to the window that looked directly towards the targets, forcing thus our ready commandos (knuckle dusters, batons, insulating tape), that were next to the doors and windows, into inaction.

A THREAT Attention however, maybe next time we won’t choose to pass by every potential snitch, but go over him and this is not a warning but a threat. And something else for all you secondary little pricks (municipal cops, security guards, guardians), because we are in a good mood we give you 3 keywords that perhaps you will find useful in the future, if you find yourselves in a similar situation with your colleague, ignore – forget – chill. In any case, its better you resign before you choose which of the 3 you will act on.

A SUGGESTION In this part we would like to introduce ourselves  more extensively than the previous time. We are the Revolutionary Groups for the Spreading of Terror and we belong to the Network of the New Conspiracy. We are one more group of the urban guerrilla and we consist of cells and work groups that put in practice plans that aim at hurting targets of the enemy, whether for the decomposition of their infrastructures or for the improvement of our infrastructures. Our enemy is anything that hurts freedom and the enemy is everywhere. From the sovereign civilization, society, the state, relations of economy and authority, to all the disgusting passive receivers of all the above. Thus therefore we intend to expose the well hidden lines of the enemy that are diffuse in the social mesh. Thus, with frequent hits of a small or big range we create a problem in the interior of the country and spoil its image abroad. Particularly in the present time situation we consider that the frequent hits on the enemy are very useful.

A PROPOSAL We call all comrades and revolutionary organizations to make a strong round of guerrilla hits at everything and everyone accountable of the emptiness of life. To show that we LIVE and we are FREE in the TODAY. We are not waiting for nothing and no one.

Postponements are now an unknown meaning to us. No more. WE WILL BURN IT ALL! “WE SWALLOW THOSE WHO SUBJUGATE US”


P.S.1 the ashes of the cop cars should be considered a dedication to Theofilos Mavropoulos

P.S.2 We raise our fists to the hostage proud members of the R.O. Conspiracy Cells of Fire of the 1st period, and we notify them that we walk next to them on the path of refusal and attack. As well as next to anyone (hostage or not), that chooses to walk against this world taking their life in their hands.


International Revolutionary Front

>Conspiracy Cells of Fire

Revolutionary Groups for the Spreading of Terror

Cell of Incendiary Destructions”

Source: via Social Rupture  & translated by boubourAs/actforfreedomnow!


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