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Chile: Letter to the CCF from a nihilist accused in the bombs case

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14 anarchists, libertarios, and social fighters were arrested on August 14th and accused of terrorism by the Chilean state, around the media-driven "Bombs Case". They have all been released into house arrest. 10 of them carried out a 65-day hunger strike from 2/21 to 4/27, winning several of their demands. Some of the "association" charges were dropped, but 5 comrades are still facing political trial beginning November 28. The struggle continues until all are free and the prisons are destroyed! INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY with the compañerxs kidnapped by the Chilean democracy. The passion for freedom knows no borders!

From culmine, translated by war on society:

Greetings brothers and sisters of the CCF, and to Theofilos Mavropoulos, I send you a fraternal embrace full of affection and complicity across the distance…

It is certain that we are judged by some for being anarchists, the eternal enemies of power, and that it is our theory made practice for long years that they now intend to severely punish.

Your voice has reached my heart, those sincere words full of solidarity caress my face, that strength animates me and your conviction I love; knowing that behind those bars there are not groans of sorrow, but rather screams of hatred, rage, hope — this gladdens me and makes me reaffirm that we are on the right path; it is then that I realize that each day new comrades are born who return to give sense to our new urban guerrilla, which is no longer merely local but is international, thanks in great part to the FAI and the contribution by you the CCF. Moreover I consider important the contribution that you are making in the circles linked to anarchist individualism, and our new and beautiful Nihilism.

We feel the same hatred toward the state, the same total disregard towards the new happy slave, towards the stupid mass that lets itself be led, we feel the same impotence of not being able to demolish the extermination centers that hold us captive, we feel multiple orgasms when we deliver ourselves completely to the realization of anarchy…

We are far away, but from here the distance is nothing, we are sure that sooner than later we will find each other whether in Greece, Italy, Chile or Mexico; our insurrectionalist-Nihilist international has battle camps in the streets of the entire world and there will always be space for individuals who understand that anarchy is not a cheap ideology but rather an idea that lives and conceives itself in direct action, because we know that the damned powerful will not give up their privileges and will defend them to the end of their dirty lives…

It is for this reason that we must communicate the importance of the threat of our new nihilism, it is for this reason that we have to accept that in order to triumph with our idea, we must drown the enemy in blood, and so with our sharp knives we will continue advancing toward the encounter with chaos, toward the creative nothing, and we will throw ourselves naked into that beautiful abyss where there is complete individual freedom…

I endorse the FAI-IRF. The Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front that is doubtless the Black International of the anarchists of action, since it has shown its capacity to respond in the face of the challenges that are emerging around the world…

But your call is not only for those who are in the bombs case, but rather has passed also to our dear brother Luciano, to whom our greatest homage will be to give him the harvest of actions that we realize with our hands…

You have also dedicated words to our brother Cristóbal Bravo, who was recently beaten by paid cowards, and it is here that it becomes important to shout loudly that the attack on property is not sufficient, which our Russian nihilist comrades understood very well and showed us that we must go further, without fear of disaster, it is your lives or ours or that of some comrade in prison, for now the impunity of that deed strikes me hard in the heart; they say that revenge is a plate best served cold, they also say that vengeance kills the soul and poisons you, I believe strongly that vengeance is the dessert in a meal for a nihilist, therefore one must not wait for facts before acting, and the main course will be to take the offensive since there are stupid cowards on all sides…

Comrades, my most heartfelt respect to your organization CCF and for the revolutionary anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos, for all your contribution to the anarchic struggle and all the dignity that has been shown during your trial and your time in prison, I want to tell you that as great as those walls may be they cannot hide the enormous dignity and the great courage that you have shown to us the anarchists of the entire world.

Today you raise your fist, yelling “SOLIDARITY” in the international language of anarchy. And at the same time, with the other hand you hold firmly the knife of nihilism to sink it into the bowels of this world of Power and submission, well good; I from here send you all strength and energy that you may never wane! And know that nothing can separate us, we have begun an international anarchist offensive and we will not stop until we get to see the total end of all authority, of all society, of all gods, of all morals…

I take with my two hands, firmly and without hesitation, your knife of nihilism so that together we sink it into the heart of every tyrant, of every cop, of every jailer, of every bourgeois so that upon their corpses we can dance, laugh, fuck, enjoy and conquer once and for all our total freedom!

The death of our brother Mauricio Morales and the death of comrade Lambros Fountas, the loss of Luciano‘s hands and the loss of Simos Seisidis‘s wounded leg are an eternal call to fight, no anarchist wounded or killed in combat will be forgotten, it is the hour to thrust our dagger into the heart of the capitalist beast, they are our nourishment.









NIHIL, an irreducible awaiting trial…

Mexico: An analysis of recent anti-tech attacks, after the murder of a biotechnologist

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Short circuits, robberies and accidents to cover up the truth…

From culmine, translated by war on society:

On November 8th of this year, biotechnologist Ernesto Méndez Salinas, who works in the Biotechnology Institute at UNAM in the city of Cuernavaca in Morelos, was assassinated by a shot to the head.

The murder sparked the outrage of the Head of Studies, who declared himself in mourning for the death of the researcher.

The Attorney General (PGJ) of Morelos state confirmed the next day (November 9th) that the man assassinated in the middle of Tuesday night was a recognized and awarded researcher at UNAM, whose death had not yet been confirmed.

According to initial investigations, Méndez Salinas was traveling in a car Tuesday night on Av. Teopanzolco (one of the busiest in Cuernavaca) when he was overtaken by persons unknown who shot him in the head, causing the vehicle to crash.

Méndez, 51 years old, who belonged to the National System of Researchers (SIN), with degrees in chemistry, pharmacy and biology, was also a doctor in biotechnology since 1993 and had carried out studies at the University of Washington, in Saint Louis (Missouri, United States) in 1995; he was one of the most important researchers in the country with respect to biotechnology.

The two lines of investigation that have been initiated, according to Morelos state authorities, is an supposed failed attempt to rob his car or an act by persons unknown who wanted to hurt the scientist.

Some important information should be noted here–the second line of investigation refers to some threat that some persons unknown could have made, but to what does “persons unknown” refer? Perhaps they are speaking of some group of anti-industrial style who had previously declared that their hands would not tremble to harm or even kill some scientist?

Remember that the first lines of investigation when Monterrey Tec was bombed were inclined toward some disgruntled student or to some concrete group that was opposed to technological development. In the end, it turned out that the second option was the correct one.

The assassination of the biotechnologist was made exactly November 8th, and also remember that on August 8th there was an attempt against academics at Tec in the State of Mexico that left two technologists wounded.

So, after exactly three months, a biotechnologist is assassinated by a single shot to the head and that moreover, in the place there couldn’t be found the casing from the 38 caliber gun that was used to pierce Dr. Méndez’s head. It seems that the persons unknown did it so as to not leave a trace.

On September 21st, Individualities Tending toward the Wild (ITW) released their final public communique (claiming responsibility for sending a explosive package to director Pedro Bajcich of INIFAP and sending a incendiary package to the nanotech professor Flora Ganem of FES-C, in addition to giving an extensive analysis on various themes), declaring that they would continue taking actions but without claiming them; after this it was announced on October 3rd that a package bomb had exploded at the Multipack courier company in Guerrero Colonia of Mexico City while being handled by employees, three of whom ended up with various wounds, the press reported that there had been two explosions from two packages, although this hypothesis has not yet been confirmed, after several days prosecutor Miguel Ángel Mancera confirmed through a radio interview that Mexico City’s specialized experts had gathered information on who the package was addressed to, but the information has not seen the light of day.

After this, on October 18th an anonymous call warned of the placement of a bomb at “Madero Tec” in Tamaulipas. Although this all turned out to be a false alarm, it added to a series of bomb threats at Tamaulpias universities, the others being in the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas (UAT), in the Monterrey Tec campus in Puebla, and in the Polytechnic University of Pachuca in the city of Zempoala, Hidalgo (where there are nanotechnology researchers) where hundreds of students had to be evacuated. Security measures in universities have increased since the threats against UPVM (in Tultitlan), Monterrey Tec (in Atizapan) and FES (in Cuautitlan), all of these in Mexico state, and against INIFAP (in Mexico City) this year, later claimed by ITS.

The possibility that some group that opposes technological development fired on a biotechnologist on November 8th is one of the investigations that Morelos state authorities, and surely federal authorities, are following.

After the kidnapping of the researcher Yadira Dávila Martínez (August 5th of this year) of the same Biotechnology Institute of UNAM, and her body was found dead on August 9th, some pointed to ITS as responsible for the assassination of the researcher since that same day the claim of responsibility in Mexico state would be made known, but everything points to common thugs or delinquents of the area who, upon not receiving money for the kidnapping, ended the scientist’s life.

The assassination of the biotechnologist Méndez Salinas is completely different than what happened to Yadira Dávila. Care was taken to not leave traces, in being sure to fire a single bullet.

They have tried to cover this up with the supposed robbery of the scientist’s car, but by now in Mexico nobody believes anything; according to the government, all the fierce arsons that the CCF-Mexico and the CI-MSA have claimed are short circuits and the recent death of the Secretary of the Interior and other persons close to the president have been an accident.

Threatened universities, the assassination of the scientist, and an anti-technology group that has previously said it continues with the war against academics, scientists, researchers, or as they call them “technonerds,” is what is happening in Mexico.

Mexico: Claim of responsibility for two bombing attacks

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Mexico: Claim of responsibility for two bombing attacks and contributions to the development of praxis against the industrial-technological system and civilization

From liberaciontotal, translated by war on society:


September 2011. Mexico City

“The system is dedicated to fooling all aspiring revolutionaries and rebels. Its trick is so astute that, if it had consciously planned it, one would have to admire it for its almost mathematical elegance.”

First of all we would like to begin by pointing out something we believe to be of utmost importance. To begin we are not a formal and organized group, nor do we wish to call ourselves anarchists, vegans, environmentalists, nihilists, primitivists, or by any other ism, since to do so would be to fall into reductionism, to “attack” or to fancifully believe that we “attack the enemy,” but we would only focus on one reduced part of the problem, and thus would only satisfy our psychosocial-emotional necessities (as the leftists do in grand form), falling thus into the system’s game of irrationalism and in believing that we are standing against it, when the reality is much different and all we would be doing is fortifying the values of the industrial-technological system (ITS). But perhaps some will say “but direct action is reductionist since one only attacks a small part of the problem and thus does not attack all at once.” Our response to this is, of course, actions are greatly reductionist, for example: some individuals attack a biotechnology research center; in carrying out this action they are only focusing on that small center and thus cannot stop or change anything, perhaps only momentarily the center was attacked but nothing more, the other laboratories will continue operating as normal, perhaps with more caution and with greater security measures. Not even a large number of individuals spread all over the world in agreement to attack all the biotechnology laboratories would arrive at a real change since the industrial-technological system and all those who sustain it would search for a way to keep it alive without needing to use biotechnology as recourse for artificialization (remember that there now are endless technological ways to artificialize the wild). Thus we believe that actions are indeed reductionist in a certain way since they only focus on one small factor of the system; what we do not believe would be reductionist are the causes or arguments that are used to defend the action, so, we put forward the same example mentioned above, some will be able to argue that the action carried out against biotechnology is bad for human “health” (whatever that is) and because it threatens the life of animals and working in favor of the “powerful” with millions of pesos, dollars or euros–this argument would be falling into reductionism and irrationalism of two issues very well rooted in society since they only focus on some small, very reduced aspects, as “health” is, a very deteriorated idea in industrial societies since it only specifies individual and physical “health,” leaving aside the psychological and neural, and the “health” of the environment where we develop ourselves and one cannot be completely healthy living in a sick environment (artificial environment). Because it threatens animal life–here one would be falling into irrationalism because unconsciously one would be putting emotions ahead of reason, since one would be exalting this fear of death very well rooted in civilized societies, when the only thing that death is serving is an imminent process of self-regulation; and as for the latter, that of favoring some with money–this is the most serious problem of reductionism that the leftists have in making capitalism the principal and only problem out of all evils and believing that collectivizing the means of production would lead to a more comfortable life, leaving the real problem which is the industrial-technological system. To attack this (the industrial-technological system) or to make arguments against it is actually what we do not believe is reductionist since today the industrial-technological system and civilization are everywhere, and thus we consider these two as primary agents of the artificialization of non-artificial systems of self-regulation and of the domination of potentially free individuals. But why do we focus on these two and leave aside capitalism, questions of gender equality, minorities’ rights and similar aspects? This would not also be falling into reductionism? We will respond to the first question.

The industrial-technological system and civilization have created (involuntarily and unconsciously) an effect farce for all the activists and radicals who would like to stand against the system’s values, mediating individuals and making them believe that they stand for something, when the only thing they do is reaffirm the values of civilization and satisfy their own psychological needs–for example vegans who are in favor of animal liberation, many of them are people only in the “movement” to satisfy their psycho-affective needs (feelings of inferiority) responding only to emotional issues so that it’s common that when you ask a person related to animal liberation why they carry out actions in favor of their cause, they respond: “because animals are our friends,” “animals also have feelings,” “nothing justifies the killing of an animal” and reasons of this type, but they only use irrational justifications (sentimentalism in this case) such as the idea that animals are our friends (no matter what they do), when not even individuals within the same species associate in this way with others outside their pack, in many cases engaging in physical aggression and even death to defend their interests (food, shelter, territory, etc), so to believe that animals are our friends is irrational by exalting feelings of affection (friendship) known as empathy; they would believe that if one of us were in the wilderness and faced with carnivorous and hungry animal that it would leave us in peace because “it is our friend”–illogical, is it not? It happens in like manner with other alternative movements, better called leftism (feminism, classism, environmentalism, anarchism, communism, primitivism, etc.) which only seek to eliminate a small aspect of the problem, so that if the feminists (or whatever other group of leftists) achieve their goal the system still would stay on its feet since it would know how to assimilate that small “rupture.” It would keep women within its values, so this would produce the same as man, and artificialization would accelerate (something the system has already achieved); if the means of production are collectivized and capitalism does not exist, that does not matter much for civilization since technological progress would continue on its course without needing to utilize a symbol like money as a medium, and the process of artificialization of wild environments would continue on its course.

These are only some small examples to illustrate a little better the tendency against civilization and the development of the industrial-technological system, and it is these two which we focus on and so contest the continuation of research; and no, we do not believe that to solely attack these two aspects is reductionist since civilization is what has given way to large-scale (animal and natural) domination, so has artificialized everything in its path, and its accomplice has been and will be the development of technologies and industrialization, negating thus the self-assurance of potentially free individuals and impeding the development of their potentialities. This is why we believe that to attack the techno-industrial system and civilization itself is not reductionist since it is omnipotent and today is found in all aspects (food, shelter, social relationships, etc.) and to attack civilization is to attack a totality. For these and many other reasons we oppose civilization, but we don’t simply have anti-civilization ideas rooted in us; for us the theories have remained in the past, but we still continue to be congenial with some practical positions expressed by some theories; we are individualists and misanthropes, we despise mass movements and the humans who impede our free development and limit our potentialities and likewise those who artificialize wild nature; we autonomous individuals who aspire to the wild have come to realize the real problem that affects us today is civilization and the progress of the industrial-technological system.

By means of this communique we the terrorist cells for the direct attack – anti-civilization faction (CTPAD) claim responsibility for various attacks* made with explosives on governmental organizations and research organizations responsible for maintaining or helping sustain the industrial-technological system, deciding to directly attack those responsible, utilizing every means at our disposal. CTPAD have been operating in Mexico City for part of the past year with some small actions and others that are a little “bigger.” We have decided to remain anonymous for different reasons which we will expound on a little later, but by means of this communique we only wish to claim 2 attempts, precisely so that the government of Mexico City and the industrial-technological system know that the surge of radical individuals who oppose the technological system and civilization is not mere accident and that the “individualities tending toward the wild” are not the only ones committed to directly attacking those responsible for artificialization (speaking of individuals who oppose civilization and the industrial-technological system within the Mexican territory).

We claim responsibility for the placement of an explosive device in the facade of the INE (National Ecological Institute) located around the periphery at the border of the Tlalpan and Coyoacán districts, which we carried out in early April of this year. Why did we carry out this action? There are many reasons but we will offer our own.

The INE is a department of the government of Mexico City charged (together with other departments, research centers and universities, SEMARNART, INIFAP, SAGARPA, Monterrey Tec, etc) with the artificialization of natural systems utilizing biotechnology as the pretext for a “new and happy” (but we would say hedonist) world. This department is charged with granting the necessary permits for the experimentation and/or growth of genetically modified products–an example being the GM corn currently produced in Mexico.

Another reason to attack this institution is because INE promotes the use of renewable energies, called “green” by the leftists who favorably view all these ways of continuing to maintain the development of civilization and techno-industrial progress and are happy to accept (consciously or unconsciously, rationally or irrationally) these “alternative” methods of wind, solar or whatever other so-called “green” energy, remaining in the mere reductionist act of thinking that this will be “environmentally friendly” without thinking about what all this entails, for which we simply offer an example. Many “revolutionaries” believe that if in place of the use of gasoline (which is nothing but a derivative of petroleum) to propel a car, if electrical or solar energy were used it would be much better since it would greatly reduce the gasses that cause the greenhouse effect and thus would reduce global warming, but how many of these revolutionaries have stopped to think where automobile components come from? (or whatever other component implemented by the ITS) Of course! From the domination of what they call natural resources (which are nothing but systems of non-artificial self-regulation), the exploitation of mines, the felling of immense forests to be able to build roads and/or urban zones so that “environmentally-friendly” cars can travel, and due to the increase in the production of fossil fuels to be able to propel those cars, the production of tools and spare parts for the cars, the maintenance of roads, the construction of “recreational” and “living” spaces for those who reside and travel through the place and a long etcetera, and where does all this bring us? This is the maintenance and progress of civilization. It is for this reason (and of course many others) that we do not stay in the reductionist and leftist struggles of protecting the minority of “exploited” (if anyone knows how to differentiate who is one or the other please let us know, since to a great extent a worker, a woman, a person with different sexual preference or a different race actively participates in the progress of civilization and domination, “exploiting,” “discriminating,” and “depreciating” all those who they believe to be inferior in an absolute way, and for the most part all these “unprotected” individuals do so in a way that satisfies them), making martyrs of them demanding and proclaiming that they also have rights.

Presently there is a huge publicity campaign being launched “in favor of the environment” and this institution promotes it as if it were some new kind of drug for keeping everyone with mental debilities submissive; for this reason we decided to attack it, not only because it deceives with such publicity and microreforms, but because their only and specific goal is to continue the development of the techno-industrial system and thus maintain everything that civilization involves (values, governmental or non-governmental institutions, dogmas, canons, rules, etc, etc, etc–in sum, domination). But what is bad about renewable energies if they take care of and protect the environment? The answer is a little more complex than what appears in plain view, and it is not because “they benefit murderous capitalism” (we have said before that we have long since left aside those questions of capitalism), but rather because, as we have said before, they only serve the self-reparation of the technological system, or if this is not so, why has it been some decades while climate change did not interest the system as it does now? Because it has been some decades while climate change was not so threatening as now and if it was brought to completion, civilization would suffer greatly due to climatic deterioration (prolonged droughts, the deterioration of the poles, acid rain, nuclear fusion, etc, etc) and perhaps the imminent and inevitable collapse of civilization and not only of civilization but of all the individuals who inhabit the planet, so for this reason the system is trying to repair what it has itself provoked and to avoid the only possible cause of its own collapse (since neither do we believe that a revolution will finish the system).

We also claim responsibility for the placement of a false bomb in the IFaB (this is an institution charged with the investigation of pharmaceutical products and biopharmaceuticals) located around the periphery. We carried out this action in December, on the same day that the COP 17 [global climate summit – transl] began in Cancún. In this action we left a note explaining the reason (this note was signed terrorist cells for the direct attack) and then we proceeded to make a warning call to the police concerning the placement of a bomb.

Just as we attacked this institution, we also can attack any other organization that promotes these “alternative” forms of continuing to maintain the present system, such as the reformist groups, leftists, GreenPeace, SEMARNART, Animal Naturalis, etc., or those who artificialize wild nature by means of technologies.

But why wait until now to make a communique and make our existence known? As we said in the beginning, we do not call ourselves anarchists or whatever other ism (although we have ideas in opposition to civilization and the industrial-technological system, we only decide this to delimit and better extend our positions), and for this reason not finding a space of affinity where we could make our actions known, we decided to act without the need to communicate what we had done, in addition to which if we had published those actions or communiques on any internet page that was not in affinity, we would begin to relate ourselves with issues which we have (and intend to have) nothing to do with. Furthermore we do not want anti-civilization ideas and ideas against the ITS to turn into a “trend” or to begin to deteriorate as many theories have, as is happening with what presently passes as anarchism (for example), which can list as anarchists people congenial with anarchist ideas more rooted in leftism such as communism, feminism, environmentalism, veganism, primitivism, pacifism, etc, each with the prefix “anarcho-,” all the way up to the most revolutionary tendencies (whatever that means, since neither do we believe in revolutions) such as insurrectionalism, individualism, some nihilist positions, etc. And so someone who struggles for the dissolution of classes using the “consciousness of the oppressed people” as their method can be called an anarchist, or an anarchist who struggles against the system of domination by means of insurrectionalism and all that entails (sabotage, expropriations, attacks, etc), and under the circumstances we do not want the same to happen with ideas against civilization. So what was it that made us change our minds? Ultimately, we have seen some groups or individuals who put forward a posture truly in affinity–and more than in affinity, also rational and non-reductionist about the development of anti-civilization ideas–as could be the case of the “individualities tending toward the wild” (to give a specific example in the Mexican territory, as also in other parts of the world there are individuals with a critique of the technological system, although as we have noted, some still have entrenched social and/or revolutionary ideas) who, in a short span of time, have made themselves of note with attacks and critiques of the technological system, and this was what originally changed our minds about releasing communiques–the knowledge that there are other truly critical individuals who are not so gullible as to swallow the system’s farces and thus can each carry out corresponding actions against the technological system which are accompanied by a true critique against the progress of civilization.

So we want to conclude by remarking that we are not anarchists, nor are we revolutionaries or potential revolutionaries as Kaczinski put it (we do not believe in revolutions, but to speak on this would protract our statement even more, furthermore we believe that that topic of “revolutions” has already been addressed in one of the communiques of the “individualities tending toward the wild” and we are very close in these positions, only having some small questions to pose at some other time), but this does not mean we will remain with crossed arms or just be intellectuals, since to do this we would be falling again into a game of the system. We believe in violent direct action as a means of attacking a small part of the problem (we spoke on this question above), and thus we believe that property destruction is necessary since the centers for new technology research, the laboratories, and the universities are where tests are conceived and accumulated information is stored, and without this physical space the technologists and scientists would not have anywhere to develop themselves and develop new inventions, and it is necessary to attack those directly responsible for the artificialization of the wild since they are the ones who hold inside their heads the information and the potentiality for this artificialization to be realized.

We are not in the least afraid of the consequences our actions could have, from the destruction of some good material to the death of some person; even more than that, it would please us to know that as a result of our actions some technophile or individual responsible for artificialization had died.

Fire to the industrial-technological system and to civilization.

Terrorist Cells for the Direct Attack – Anticivilization Faction.

* translation note: We translate as “attack” CTPAD’s term “atentado,” which they use in reference to the actions they claim and elsewhere in the communique. The term could be translated as “attempt” or “threat,” but those would fall short in significance, since the actions they refer to are attempts on or threats to people’s lives which they clearly intend to instill terror.

Anti-nanotech bomb claim by Individualists Tending towards the Wild, Mexico

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Mexico: Individualists Tending Toward the Wild claim responsibility for package bomb that wounded two professors [full communique]

From liberaciontotal, translated by war on society (…Please follow links to the info about the outcome of the group’s first package-bombing attempt, and to their first communique. Please note that their second communique is not yet translated to English):

Claim of responsibility and analysis against technology and techno-industrial Society in the wake of the bombing that wounded two professors of the prestigious and private educational institution (Spanish link):


The continual advancement of technology will worsen the situation.
The more the system grows, the more disastrous will be the consequences of its failure.

Revenue directly attributable to nanotechnology has been growing at levels of 42% between 2006 and 2011, and by the end of 2011 is estimated to generate revenues of more than US$19 billion (a).

This is only one fact that demonstrates that they are prostrating themselves to the gaze of the devastating nanotechnological progress with more emphasis on Mexico.

As has been mentioned before (b) (c), this country positions itself together with Brazil as one of the two most viable options for investing in nanoscience within Latin America. For this, they have put in the university engineering classes and courses whose end is the professional preparation of moldable minds that not only want to acquire a paper to accredit their studies, but also truly desire to contribute with their scientific studies to the development and rise of nanobiotechnology, to acquire what the system wants: The total Domination of all that is potentially free.

But let’s stop a little and think, What are the true motives that lead scientists to get involved in this new technological nanorevolution (d)?

Many of the scientists will say it has been to “help humanity.” But deeper within these simplistic excuses are hidden psychological needs that are called surrogate activities. Surrogate activities (e) refer to all those acts or tasks that aim to reach an artificial end and not a real one.

The scientists say that they create carbon nanotubes, for example, to make life more comfortable for humanity, but the true reason that most of them (f) do this is because they feel a strong emotional commitment to the branch in which they develop; that is, they do not do it so humanity lives “better” as they have always claimed, but rather for a vague personal and psychological realization, so that, with this, we arrive at a swift and irrefutable conclusion, most scientists base their research on their twisted psychological needs, on their surrogate activities.

Continuing with the theme, in Mexico there are 650 nanotechnologists and the figure rises (g), in addition to the the growing interest of young people to go into that area. Several factors (which we have explained in the above paragraph and in footnote f) drive more “new” minds to have the commitment to sustain this type of technology while today the fatal and desolate outcome that it will have in the future has not been publicly discerned.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry Harold Kroto said that “The Governments of Europe and the United States devote large sums of money to nanotechnology to investigate, for example, how to make their planes invisible,” and, “If we could go back to 1910, we could avoid having researched chemistry in the twentieth century and could have avoided napalm or the atomic bomb” (h).

Here, Harold knows and clearly states that an environmental or human catastrophe will be presenting itself, as happened in the 1900′s after having researched chemistry.

And who knows what failures nanometric technology will have when it covers every corner of this artificialized life?

Some scientists have already realized the catastrophic consequences that could result from the aberrant fusion of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, molecular electronics and robotics.

The ever-increasingly acceleration of Technology will lead to the creation of nanocyborgs that can self-replicate automatically without human intervention; this is obviously a worrying fact for these scientists who for years have given their entire life to the creation of human self-destruction.

One such scientist is the American Eric Drexler, one of the best molecular engineers in his country and promoter of nanotechnology in the international world.

He has mentioned, highly shaken, the possible spread of a gray plague (gray goo in English) (i) caused by billions of nanoparticles self-replicating themselves voluntarily and uncontrollably throughout the world, destroying the biosphere and completely eliminating all animal, plant, and human life on this planet. The conclusion of technological advancement will be pathetic, Earth and all those on it will have become a large gray mass, where intelligent nanomachines reign.

This realistic scenario was not invented by we who are opposed to technological progress, surprisingly, it has been raised by one of the best scientists in the history of the United States.

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Do Not Say That We Are Few: Communique From The Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI)

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Due to the timeliness and relevance of the following text, we are releasing a complete but unpolished draft translation of it. Source: culmine. Translation by: war on society:

(This draft translation contains a few errors and some poor wording; it should be mainly understandable as it is, but we ask that it not be disseminated very widely yet; please expect a final version to appear in the coming week…)

To our sisters and brothers of the FAI / International Revolutionary Front, a contribution reasoning its communication, organization and armed struggle, at the dawn of a new era

Do not say that we are few
And that the commitment is too great for us.
Would you say that two or three tufts of clouds
Are few in the corner of the summer sky?
In a moment they let down wherever …
Flashes of lightning, bursts of thunder
And it rains on everything.
Do not say that we are few
Say only that we are.
– Lee Kwang Su

We the comrades of the “FAI / Artisans Cooperative of Fire and Affinity (occasionally spectacular) / International Revolutionary Front” and of the “FAI / 20th of July Brigade / International Revolutionary Front” claim in this writing the fruit of a meeting of more voices, in the name of the comrades “FAI / Sisters-in-arms, Mauricio Morales Cell / International Revolutionary Front,” the parcel bomb that in March 2011 resulted in the serious wounding of the Lieutenant Colonel of the thunderbolt Alexander Albamonte, the parcel bomb that lightly wounded the clerk of the Swissnuclear office, and the parcel bomb to the Koridallos prison in solidarity with our sisters and brothers of the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / FAI / International Revolutionary Front.”

In recent times, in the metropolises overlooking the banks of the Mediterranean, the streets are continually animated by increasingly heated protests and manifestations of the oppressed who are no longer willing to suffer the oppression of rule: from Greece to Tunisia, from Spain to Libya, the fuse continues to burn. In one of these streets we met and we have decided to deepen the discussion on what is moving in the circles of insurrectional anarchism across the world.

Within the general optimism of the comrades who, in the diversity seen always new outbreaks of struggle, in a dialogical and lively informal international confrontation, there was a dissonant voice. It was a comrade of our “Sisters-in-arms, Mauricio Morales Cell,” who told us ragefully of the censorship of the communique/discussion that claimed the actions mentioned above. These 12 claims, delivered by post to various realities of the anarchist movement in Italian, were not published by any, preventing a communication vital for the international growth of informal discussion. Today we know that this censure is only the desperate reaction of a former anarchist tainted by assemblary bureaucratism and by the obsession of the social struggle transformed into stupidity in partial struggle.

From the ashes of the old and glorious individualist anarchism, a new insurrectionalism has been / is being born. As our sisters wrote in their never-arrived claim: “For the first time in history an informal organization, a federation of informal groups across the world was made flesh, bleeding and drawing blood.” The informal organization is no longer an abstract fantasy, a soliloquy in the mouth of a handful of (more or less learned, more or less sincere) comrades. In these last years, in various parts of the world, the new nihilists have sparked the concern of various states, and fear and hostility in the official part of the anarchist movement. The new anarchism will give the destructive fantasy its proper force and will cement the nihilistic act with the proper consistency. Since we launched the proposal for an “Informal Anarchist Federation,” much water has passed under the bridge. Today, thanks to the sisters and brothers of the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” who have relaunched the “FAI / International Revolutionary Front,” the “FAI / International Network,” “The International Network of Action and Solidarity,” the “Informal Anarchist Federation – International Network“… with its thousands of names has become a reality. A reality which, now more than ever, needs to grow through the medium of informal organization on the world stage thanks to a federation of action groups. Dozens and dozens of cells, nuclei, movements, and individual comrades who diffusely and horizontally, united by a strong and clear pact of mutual aid, chaotically and destructively wage war on the existent.

In Greece:
– Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / FAI / International Revolutionary Front
– International Revolutionary Front / Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / Revolutionary Groups for the Spreading of Terror – Cell of Vandalisms.
– International Revolutionary Front / Terrorist Warriors’ Complicity of the fallen commando John Severino
– International Revolutionary Front / Deviant Behaviors for the Spreading of Revolutionary Terrorism / Cell of Anarchic Action
– Cell of Revolutionary Solidarity – FAI
– Anarchist Revolutionary Front / Deviant Behaviors for the Spreading of Revolutionary Terrorism / Cell of Reflexive Attack
– FAI / Cell of Aggressive Conscience
– International Revolutionary Front / Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / Revolutionary Groups for the Spreading of Terror / Abnormal Cell-Heretics

In Indonesia:
– FAI Informal Anarchist Federation, Indonesia Section.

In Mexico:
The two souls of Mexican insurrectionalism (ALF-ELF) and the Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution – Praxedis G. Guerrero.
– Informal Anarchist Federation / Acrata
– Earth Liberation Front (ELF) / International Network of Action and Solidarity – Anti-Civilization Informal Group
– Earth Liberation Front (ELF) / Informal Anarchist Federation International Network
– Insurrectional Cell Sole-Baleno of the Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution – Praxedis G. Guerrero / FAI
– Commando of Free, Dangerous, Wild and Incendiary Individuals for the Black Plague / FAI / International Network
– Luddites Against the Domestication of Wild Nature / FAI / International Network
– Eco-Anarchist Cell for the Direct Attack / FAI / International Network
– Revolutionary Action Brigade for propaganda by the deed and armed action – Simon Radowisky / FAI / International Network

In Chile:
– International Revolutionary Front / Insurrectional Commando Aracely Romo
– Commando 8th of December International Coordination FAI

In Russia:
– ELF Russia Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) / International Network of Action and Solidarity / International Revolutionary Front

In Peru:
– Circle of Iconoclastic Action / FAI

In the Netherlands:
– Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Dutch Cell

In England:
– International Informal Anarchist Federation / FAI

In Italy:
– FAI / Artisans Cooperative of Fire and Affinity (occasionally spectacular) / International Revolutionary Front.
– FAI / 20th of July Brigade / International Revolutionary Front
– FAI / Sisters-in-arms, Mauricio Morales Cell / International Revolutionary Front
– FAI / Lambros Fountas Revolutionary Cell
– FAI / International Solidarity
– FAI / Animal Revolt
– FAI / Horst Fantazzini Revolutionary Nucleus
– FAI / Cell against Capital and Prison and its Jailers and its Cages
– FAI / Armed Cell for International Solidarity
– FAI / Terrible Anonymous Revolt (RAT)
– FAI / Metropolitan Cell
– FAI / Narodnaja Vojla

It has been ten years during which, through action with our limitations, but with constancy, we have striven to realize this organizational design. Naturally the growth will not be linear and progressive, there will be ups and downs, for long and short periods in which almost all will be silent and then back stronger than ever in a country that we might not even imagine. Every group and individual with its strength, its will, will give its proper contribution of action and of communication to help everyone else to adjust the shot.

The repression has hit hard in Greece. Our sisters and brothers of the “Cells of Fire” continue to fight within the walls, participating with their writings, in an exceptional manner, in this organizational arrangement. If we know one thing, in such diversity, we are the hand that will break the chains. At first what we will bind the revolutionary solidarity through what some anarchists stupidly call “fictive movement,” failing to understand that their solidarity is tempered in any revolutionary project.

In our history we in the Italian FAI have always acted, without mediation, in “social” struggles: the struggle against FIES [extreme isolation units in Spanish prisons used to cage anarchist prisoners and other “uncontrollables”], the struggle against CIE, never relating to them in a demagogic top-to-bottom way. We have always acted as individuals not wanting to indoctrinate anyone. We destroy that which destroys us, what does not kill us makes us stronger.

The only limits that we place our actions are of an ethical character. In a world divided into included and excluded, we have with our actions made a choice. We are not interested in a society divided into classes, we do not want any dictatorship of one class over another, we want anarchy! Millions of microcosms where each individual can experiment freely. Something very similar to what we experience every day through action, elaborated in the best way of organizing without surrendering one’s own individual freedom. It is amazing to grow in this organizational experience together with sisters and brothers who we have never seen and probably never will see. It is amazing how, in a given historical moment, individuals who do not know each other come to the same conclusions.

We do not know how the FAI / International Revolutionary Front will evolve; the possibilities are enormous and unimaginable. It could die in a flash or grow exponentially. Our growth will be mainly qualitative, growth consistent with the unimaginable potential of informal organization. It will take a long time before the FAI / International Revolutionary Front gives its best, before the informal organization creates real problems in this state of things.

It is a war of anarchist resistance that began more than a century ago. With its highs: the contribution of the Paris Commune, the era of propaganda by the deed, the era of great revolutions and its lows: the trade unions, non-violence, the libertarian municipalism, all of which we believe goes by the name of compromise.

Our path will be characterized by a long and continuous communication through action. Communication is the core of all our informal structure, and is also its weakness. Until a year ago, our action-communiques could be read on the front pages of all major Italian newspapers; this sufficed us to communicate. Today, power (it was inevitable) has realized the danger of this communication and they censor not the action but the communique, the message. To speed up the dissemination of this writing and to reach the greatest possible number of actual anarchists, we decided to use e-mail. This choice is also due to the scarcity of Italian language publications willing and able to give space to what is new is moving in the anarchist movement internationally. To increase the reproducibility of an action, in our opinion, this action must be motivated, claimed. Otherwise, power will pollute it, distorting the meaning and making it in fact sterile and this, which we write, we know well for having experienced it directly on our skin many times. A destructive action will always remain a beautiful thing, even if it is not claimed. It can be done for the sheer pleasure of doing it. To do something right is always good. But to us this is not enough, we want to make this system fall. The more reproducible the action, the greater is its real destructive potential; the more rebels understand that a real resistance exists the more they will be motivated to action. In the past and even today, some of us happened to individually participate in actions that were not claimed, with comrades who of course were not part of the FAI / International Revolutionary Front, in order to make technical data that could save the precious lives of comrades, and–why not?–to learn some new technique.

We of the Italian FAI continue to travel all the routes that can flow into the revolutionary river. Riots, popular struggles, more circumscribed projects of radical struggle, all contribute to give new life to our practices of attack. It has been ten years that we have acted undisturbed. Power hits right and left with increasingly fanciful repressive operations, but so far none of us has ever been hit. We regret very much for the comrades who were arrested and indicted, but better that the perpetrators remain outside, free to strike and to strike again. Some of us may fall, but will soon be replaced by other groups. We hope on this occasion to behave like the sisters and brothers of the “Cells of Fire,” who continue the struggle with courage and consistency within the walls of a prison that we are sure will miss.

Criticism must always be active and alert. We have to save criticism and self-criticism from self-referentialism that would lead us to be fictitious, to go nowhere.

As we’ve said before, it is preferable that the affinity groups are not known to each other, to better combat repression, but if it happens like it happened to us, to re-meet in the field of movement, then the risks increase contemporaneously with the immediate prospects. For example, increased technical capacity, increased chances of acquiring weapons and explosives, greater ability to support the comrades forced into clandestinity.

We have read with great attention “The Sun Still Rises” of the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire,” and we came to the conclusion that the three key points of the informal agreement of the second generation of the “Cells of Fire” can become the key points the “FAI / International Revolutionary Front.” In these three points are based on our main features.

First: the destructive direct action as a necessary and indispensable. Action that can go from the launch of a Molotov cocktail to the assassination, with no hierarchy of importance, each group or individual will decide how best to take, in accordance with its own revolutionary ethic that surely must agree never to strike in the pile. This point should give rise, according to our perspective, to a new anarchist and nihilist guerrilla, thousands and thousands of fires against capital wherever.

The second key point is important to us and ­­­we are never the spokesmen, representatives of anyone. We do not represent that we, women and men, in constant revolt against the existent, against political power, technological power, the power of capital which is likely to wipe out the entire lives on this planet on all levels. In us naturally there is no hope in a class that will impose its dictatorship over another, which then always reduces to the dictatorship of the “representatives” of a class over all others. In us there is no solidarity that does not confront subjugation, but that if the exploited do not move a finger to lift, contributing thereby also to our oppression. What qualifies us most is the refusal of delegation, of “representation,” our revolt is individual and it is there that our anarchism, nihilism and revolution traverses the organizational instrument of the informal federation.

The third issue featuring: international revolutionary solidarity. The comrades who participate in this informal arrangement should launch campaigns of struggle that will join with other groups of the FAI / International Revolutionary Front, in their own time and manner. Three simple and direct points which we believe would mark a step forward for our informal organization, expanding its vision of “anti-social” and “nihilistic” the founding document of the FAI, “Who we are: An open letter to the anti-authoritarian and anarchist movement.”

Everything about the “FAI / International Revolutionary Front” is in chaotic and continual evolution, beginning with its many names and definitions. We are only just beginning, the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” is the motor of this explosion of revolutionary vitality. The driving force of an informal federation that is growing and that has exceeded the confines—which for us anarchists are dead—of nations. Any organizational writing, analysis and criticism coming from the actions of the FAI / International Revolutionary Front will never be the definitive one. Our informal federation is in continual evolution. The comrades of the International Revolutionary Front span the world by one fire and another, already contributing to the analysis and to the growth of this project. Our sisters and our brothers who are imprisoned are our greatest strength, their analysis opens our eyes, our anger and hatred for their arrest gives us strength. A continuous and infinite organizational adjustment: this is the Informal Federation at its source, not in the perspective of a distant future revolutionary world that will arrive we do not know when, if ever, but in the perspective of the quality of our existence, which in this moment, here and now, is fully realized in the armed struggle against power.

We of the Italian FAI propose as the banner of this struggle the symbol of the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire,” the 5 arrows of different lengths and different directions that together affect the power. To indicate the myriad of groups and individuals of the International Revolutionary Front / FAI, who, with varying intensity but united by a pact of mutual aid, strike without breath. The arrows are topped by a black star with an A inside, our symbol of anarchism; above the star, the name of the group of the International Revolutionary Front that claims the action. We decided on a symbolism for the story of “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” came in and we broke through the rebels in our hearts. This, of course, if the Greek comrades are in agreement.

In a time of world crisis at all levels, perhaps an informal anarchic structure means to stop awaiting the events and go to the revolution. In Arab countries, regimes collapsed to give rise to other regimes, this time democratic. The world super powers are easy game to influence events, Europe is on the brink of collapse, we must not remain with hand in hand, tied to old organizational schemes that have already past their worst. To hold an Informal Anarchist Federation is to concretely intervene in view of the struggles of the excluded of the whole world, it is to concretely intervene in the struggle that nature takes every day against criminal human “technology.” To intervene through the reality of widespread attacks on the territory. Attacks that are never missed, but that tie together by an informal international network based on the pact of mutual aid, becoming more visible, more virulent, multiplying the diffusion and in fact the subversive potential. As we have said, we do not believe we have the truth in our pocket, but we are convinced that in certain moments in history, the ideas impose themselves on their own, now is the time to give the real contribution that perhaps will make the difference. A good wager, which we make, the best wager that an anarchist revolutionary can make, to throw your heart over the obstacle and see what happens.

We of the FAI / Artisans Cooperative of Fire and Affinity (sometimes spectacular) / International Revolutionary Front and the FAI / 20th of July Brigade / International Revolutionary Front adhere to the campaign of revolutionary solidarity that the comrades FAI / Sisters-in-arms, Mauricio Morales Cell have initiated with the package bomb to the Koridallos prison. Once a year, we will strike in solidarity with our sisters and brothers of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire until we find them in freedom. The dozens and dozens of years in prison to which they were condemned will be transformed into a tragic boomerang for the Greek state. The interests of that state in Italy will be struck, year after year, with ever increasing hardness. We invite other groups and individuals of the FAI / International Revolutionary Front around the world to do likewise.


FAI / Artisans Cooperative of Fire and Affinity (sometimes spectacular) / International Revolutionary Front
FAI / 20th of July Brigade / International Revolutionary Front

June 11th Solidarity Actions

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Editor’s Note: We’re collecting reports as they come in, so if there’s something we’ve missed, feel free to send us a line at or post them in the comments!

Peru: Arson of church in solidarity with comrades of the social war Marie Mason and Eric McDavid

Communique from vivalaanarquia, translated by war on society:

This past 11th of June a fire was started on the side of a church which was under construction; we climbed the wall with mats in order to reach the entire wooden frame, instead of climbing the wall and going inside, we proceeded to leave plastic bottles filled with gasoline on which a sticker was placed, (alluding to the comrade fallen in combat, Mauricio Morales); and an additional amount [of gasoline] was splashed across the fence. Moments before climbing the walls again, we set fire and showered leaflets in solidarity to the eco-anarchist comrades Marie Mason and Eric McDavid; it was the same place where days before we painted slogans, while we were making an inspection of the area.

By way of this action we express solidarity with those who, like many other prisoners of the social war in the world, do not give up in this struggle; through this form we also show that our solidarity continues and will continue to be a weapon against the whole system of domination, and that those on the inside are not alone.

We do not surrender, we continue onward, we know that with intentions we do not change anything, but only with actions. Seek to live anarchy!

For fear to not destroy solidarity… for solidarity to destroy confinement!

Against the prisons of capital!

Freedom to the accused of the “Bombs Case”!


Circle of Iconoclastic Action / Informal Anarchist Federation



text of the leaflet:


Eric McDavid was arrested in January 2006 after being betrayed by “Anna,” a paid government informant, and was charged with a single count of conspiracy. Eric (who never carried out any action; we can say he was committed for a “thought crime”), refusing to cooperate with the State, was brought to trial, where he was sentenced to almost 20 years in prison.

Marie Mason was arrested in March 2008 after her partner turned FBI informant. Faced with life-long imprisonment if she went to trial, Marie accepted a plea deal in September 2008, admitting her involvement in an arson of an office involved in genetic engineering. In February of the following year she was sentenced to almost 22 years.

We express solidarity this June 11th with the eco-anarchist comrades who like many of the other prisoners of the social war in the world do not give up in this struggle.

For fear to not destroy solidarity… for solidarity to destroy confinement!

Against the prisons of capital!



family / school / work / psychiatry / church



View photos here.


Guelph, On: Developer Targetted

In the early hours of June 11, 2011 We went out to Terra View Homes Head Office and broke half a dozen windows as an act of solidarity with Long term anarchist prisoners in North America.

Terra View Homes is a local subdivision developer who specialize in selling people guilt free consciouses. They develop “green” homes, a new market coming in with the yuppies from Toronto, but we see the clear sham in calling any kind of sprawl and capital expansion as green.

the land is fragil, but the developers are not. Eco-capital is a sham



Logging Equipment Sabotaged in Olympia

Sometime in the morning hours of June 11th a piece of logging equipment somewhere around Olympia Washington was sabotaged. All that was needed was quickset cement, a bottle of saltwater, and a large pipe. This piece of machinery was being used to clear-cut a piece of land to make way for a small development, and will not be running anytime soon unless thousands of dollars are put into repairing the machine. This action was done in solidarity with Eric McDavid, Marie Mason and all non-cooperating green scare prisoners. Solidarity to all anarchist prisoners!


ELF Russia – Informal Anarchist Federation / International Network claim series of attacks in Solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid & Long-term Anarchist Prisoners

325 received the following communique from Earth Liberation Front Russia – Informal Anarchist Federation / International Network of Action & Solidarity, about a series of attacks in conjunction with the 11th June International Day of Solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid and Long-term Anarchist Prisoners. Strength and force to all those imprisoned for their ideas, words and actions of resistance – We will never forget our prisoners of war. For a global insurrectional network based on revolutionary solidarity, direct action and subversion:

Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid – ELF actions in Moscow region of Russia

“For me solidarity is a constant proposal to struggle, is the continuation and the development of the revolutionary action for which the comrade was captured” – Gerasimos Tsakalos, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

01.06 we torched electrical measuring and control devices in 2 underground service booths of a water communication system that brings hot water to a military intelligence site in Butovskiy forest. To add to the fact that this infrastructure serves military personnel, more than 800 trees were cut during earthworks for this water supply line to even appear in the forest. To hamper service brigades further, we also spiked the road they use for maintaining the system.

05.06 we torched an excavator at a highway construction site west of Moscow (Volokolamsk direction).

06.06 and 10.06 we expropriated some construction equipment and destroyed geologists’ measurement posts in the glades of Butovskiy forest.

11.06 we broke into yet another underground service booth and put to fire all the digital and analog devices and tools inside.

We dedicate these attacks to Marie Mason and Eric McDavid. We don’t have the honour of personal acquaintance with them, but their dedication to protecting our Planet and conscious choices they’ve made not only to act, but also to stand their ground in the wake of state repressions, inspire us and help us to continue on our path.

For Earth Liberation! For Human Liberation!

ELF-Russia, Informal Anarchist Federation / International Network of Action and Solidarity


Development Building & Bank Visited in Tacoma

In the early hours of June 11, an architecture office (once responsible for the design of the now defunt Point Ruston yuppie development) had paint thrown all over its sign and anti-development slogan written on the wall. A bank nearby had windows covered in paint. These are small gestures of solidarity with those eco-anarchists still locked up in prisons across the country as well as those who are still facing trials and those who are currently on the run. Against all prisons and the prison society that keeps humanity and the earth in chains.


Seattle: SUV Attacked in Solidarity with Eco Anarchist Prisoners

Last night in honor of June 11, a luxury SUV parked in a rich area of Seattle had the majority of its windows ruined and the words “Yuppie Scum” spraypainted on the exterior. This was done in the tradition of struggle in the Northwest against all those who wish to destory the earth. In solidarity with Sadie, Exile, Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, Grant Barnes, and all other eco prisoners including those who live semi-free in clandestiny. Dedicated to the memory of Avalon!


Finland: Railways sabotaged in solidarity action

Communiqué, June 13th.

With this communiqué we claim responsibility for the railway sabotage directed at a rail security electronics installation at Rekola in Vantaa. For this action we only needed a crowbar, some toilet paper, a few canisters of gasoline and a light. We broke in through the door and used toilet paper soaked in lighter fluid as a fuse, so we could flee the scene in peace before the arrival of the police and the fire department.

The decision to take action again was aided by the mass media’s response to the communiqué that was sent to the site on June 6th, claiming numerous instances of sabotage over the last few months. The media’s outrageous accusations toward the comrades in Social Center Satama and the mixing up of the Roma migrants to these actions only displays what kind of scum we are dealing with. You can blame yourselves for the latest action.

The representatives of the media left the anarchist prisoners all over the world (and especially in the nine states we phoned in bomb threats to on June 6th), for whom the actions were also carried out in solidarity to – as well as to the Roma people and Social Center Satama, completely uncovered. As long as the situation of our comrades is not brought to light, we will strike against targets that are relevant to capital and the state.

Attacks on the railway network are as old as the anarchist movement itself. We are proud to continue the legacy of rebellious anarchy in our localities and we do so with confidence and a readiness to confront the possible consequences.

We once again send our subversive greetings to our comrades in Social Center Satama, the Roma migrants in Helsinki and anarchist prisoners all over the world. You are not alone!

We send warm greetings to our chilean comrade Luciano Pitronello Schuffeneger, who was seriously injured when a bomb prematurely exploded outside a bank in Santiago de Chile. We also send greetings to the United States to Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, Grant Barnes and the other ecoanarchist prisoners on the international day of solidarity of June 11th.

Fire to the prisons!

To spread the rebellion everywhere – direct action and solidarity!


And better late than never:

Cambridge, UK: Bank action in solidarity with eco-anarchist prisoners

“Early Friday morning, 17 June, we brought disorder to Chesterton Road, Cambridge. The HSBC bank was graffitied, its locks glued, its cashpoint trashed using glue and spraypaint. The offices of Seetech, a ‘back to work’ training company, was graffitied with the words FUCK WORK and circled As, a bike lock was used to chain the front doors and the locks were glued. We then visited the Chesterton Road JobCentre and graffitied the front saying FUCK WORK B4 IT FUCKS U and so on. We then sabotaged the cashpoints of the Lloyds TSB and the Barclays banks nearby, also graffiting both offices and gluing locks. A few other nearby businesses had their locks glued and were graffitied, including the slogan SMASH AUTHORITY, FUCK THE POLICE.

This goes out to other marginalised people, those who cannot and/or will not integrate into this sick society.

International solidarity to imprisoned fighters, including American eco-anarchist prisoners Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, also not forgetting another long term caged freedom lover Ted Kaczynski (aka FC or ‘Unabomber’).

We will not forget or give in, subversive complicities are our strength! Until all cages are destroyed…”

Anonymous Autonomous


Anti-development Attacks in the upper-Appalachians

A subversive attack was carried today, in the early hours of the morning against the tourist/real estate industry right in the middle of the Eastern Townships, Qc.

The Mount Orford Park has become over the past few years one of the main cornerstones for the invasive suburban developments in the region. A tourist attraction for the rich, the Sherbrooke-based “Orford Express” train -a tourist train/attraction- was the target of “unthinkable” graffiti, painted on the concrete walls of the new railroad pass right under highway 10, which is symbolically the main entry route for motorists in the region.

The Orford Express quickly became a well-respected and valuable asset for the region’s tourist industry.

Now the hundreds of bourgeois/suburban consumers who were having a posh dinner in the luxurious, old-style train/restaurant were forced to witness barbaric graffiti, directly aimed at them… words like (in French) “Orford: Suburbia” and “the Earth is not for Sale!” (in reference to the many “Land for Sale” panels still mostly left unspoiled everywhere in the region), along with a circled “A” sign, and a frightening, pitch black Jolly Roger. We can only hope it’ll last for the weekend, if not longer…

This action was made amongst an ongoing string of small “defacing » actions carried out in the Eastern Townships by different people. Especially as the busiest period of the tourist season begins, its is very likely to be followed by more attacks of the same nature as it is open season for us green & black insurgents.

We believe that the “face value” is the most sensitive part in this industry, as the more the investors and the invaders will feel compromised, the lesser they’ll be drawn to here and the easier it’ll be to force development to a standstill. That is our long term battle strategy, and this same logic can be applied wherever the same kind of capitalism-driven development spreads

As long as tourism is a vehicle for more invasion and destruction of life, it’s got to be subverted, disrupted or destroyed, by any way we find.

Savagery is the only answer to the hypocrisy of civilization.

In solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, the fighting Native people and with all the anarchist prisoners of the Western imperialist wars, here and abroad, who stood up for their love of life and freedom.

– the Appalachian Hydra

member of the E.L.F./I.A.F.


Solidarity Attack on Developer in Waterloo, Canada

June 17, 2011 – Waterloo, Ontario.

In the spirit of June Eleventh and inspired by recent actions against development in the Southern Ontario region, anarchists paid a visit to a condo development site on Belmont Ave. in Waterloo. The presentation building was painted in class war graffiti, all of the windows broken, and a nearby construction machine was covered in paint stripper and had its windows broken.

The Tricar Group (Real Estate Development & Property Management) are creating more space for the rich across Southern Ontario by building luxury condominiums in Waterloo, Guelph, Sarnia and London. Condos attract more yuppies into the cities where we live, increasing property values and pushing out the poor, broke, and working class people.

This action is in solidarity with Eric McDavid, Marie Mason, struggle in Greece, and all long-term anarchist prisoners, against the expansion of capitalism.

Condos are Class War!


ps. Brianna Waters: your betrayal disgusts us.

Introducing the Ludd-Kaczynski Institute of Technology

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Luddites Smashing Loom

An Anti-Civilization / Post-Civilization Think Tank

From Ludd-Kaczynski Tech:

The Ludd-Kaczynski Institute of Technology is an open, decentralized, autonomous, incorporeal think tank of ludic neo-luddites. We are anti-ideological, meaning that rather than serving our ideas, our ideas serve us. We explore themes including but not limited to anti-civ, post-civ, green anarchy, primitivism and anarcho-primitivism, etc., but hold to no pre-established canons or conventions therein, beyond the point which they are useful to us in achieving total collective liberation for all beings and the Earth itself.

Though we question and discuss the inherent nature of technology, we are not ideologically anti-technology, by which we mean we recognize that the master’s tools can indeed be used to bring down the master’s house, and that a radical critique of technology will always hinge upon specific semantic articulations of the word (and concept of) “technology.” Ideological adherence to one specific, static semantic definition and understanding is not only unnecessary, it is also inhibiting of critical thought. Well-defined yet differing semantic understandings and definitions can come in extremely useful in equally different contexts. Words and language are a tool—a technology—and a very malleable one at that. Only in adherence to semantic rigidity do we decrease our potential to use this tool subversively.

In the context of global climate chaos, ecological instability and collapse, and the eminent demise of industrial civilization (including the social consequences that come with it), the important question is perhaps the level of technology—defined in this case simply as externalized tools—appropriate in creating and perpetuating a truly egalitarian, liberated, and ecologically sustainable mode of living upon this planet.

For a discussion regarding the potential contradiction, if not outright hypocrisy, of utilizing technology to spread anti-technological arguments and critiques, we recommend An Open Letter on Technology and Mediation.

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