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2012 RNC Press Release

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Tampa Bay Action Group Announces Opposition to the 2012 RNC in Tampa Bay Florida, Reclaims Tea Party’s Anti-Imperialist Legacy of Property Destruction


July 2, 2010–Tampa Bay, Florida–The Tampa Action Group (TBAG), a decentralized collective of anarchists and neo-maroons from across the urban and swampy reaches of Florida, has begun organizing to confront the Republican National Convention when it arrives in Tampa Bay, Florida in August of 2012. “We intend to shut the event down. The Republicans, like their Democratic counterparts, have carried on the tradition of wholesale exploitation of the planet, costing the lives of millions of people and other critters for the sake of profit, greed, and consumerism. The powers that be have left us with war, deforestation, exploitation and a techno-dystopia far worse (and especially far more boring) than any sci-fi book could foretell. We promise to confront them in the streets of Tampa Bay armed with the ferocity of a swamp panther in heat,” said Barley Barber, a self described leftneck alligator whisperer and feminist philosopher from the bottom-lands of South Florida. “Where we once had biodiversity sits a strip mall with an army recruiting office and a doughnut shop full of cops. That’s enough to fill any gal with a hint of life in her with piss and vinegar.”

Another member of the group Clinton Tyree has called for an all out human barricade of the streets of Tampa Bay. “I’m tired of the right-wing fat cats who live in cookie-cutter suburban homes and work as advertising reps in mind-numbing cubicles calling themselves tea party protesters. The tea party was all about destroying the commodities of the imperialists in order to overthrow the imperialists. These idiots are the ruling class. We are gonna take back the legacy from these whimpering bourgeois racists and make property destruction sexy again!”

While the RNC 8 face felony charges for organizing against the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, the Tampa Bay Action Group takes hope from their fight against the repression of police state tactics. We continue to believe that creating a space to directly confront the world’s oppressors (and their investors, and puppet heads, and apologists) is a key to opening the doors to liberation.


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An Iraq Veteran on the Gaza Flotilla Massacre

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By Bobby Whittenberg

Generally I take much more time with my writing but at this point I do not feel like there is time to wait until I can edit this and clean it up. I must speak now. There will be time for more eloquent pieces later. As a veteran of US Marine Corps and the occupation of Iraq, I have no ethical option but to speak out against the occupation of Palestine by the State of Israel, as it is so similar and so closely related to the occupation of which I was a part. I encourage all Veterans who feels the same to lend their voices and speak out against these occupations and stand firmly behind the people of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Yemen in their resistance to these wars and occupations.

On May 21, 2010, unarmed peace activists aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, with representatives from over 40 nations carrying humanitarian aid to the besieged, impoverished Gaza Strip was attacked and had their vessels raided in international waters. Israeli commandos killed between (reports as I write this say) 10 and 20 civilians and injured dozens more. Though this incident pales in comparison to the daily violence that the people of Palestine face, it has laid bare for the world what Israel is and how it operates.

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Test Their Logik: Crash the G20/G8 Toronto

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Neither One State Nor Two States But No States

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Image by Carlos Latuff

Editor’s note: This statement was released around this time last year from the Manchester branch of the Anarchist Federation on the Gaza war, but it continues to remain relevant today and cuts to the core of something we must be clear on: just exactly what it is we, as anarchists and revolutionaries, stand in solidarity with when we stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza and Palestine. Thus, we felt it was worth republishing at this time, as food for thought. We must not whitewash the realities of authoritarian extremism on both “sides” of the “conflict.” As the statement says, whoever dies, both the State of Israel and the Palestinian extremists win. We must also remember that there is strong evidence of collusion between Mossad (Israeli intelligence) and many Palestinian extremists, and Mossad agents themselves have been known to don Palestinian attire and conduct black op false flag attacks. This all serves to de-legitimate and marginalize militant yet non-extremist grassroots resistance from below on the part of both Palestinians and Israelis, many of whom seek to work together towards peace and reconciliation.

Statement from the Manchester branch of the Anarchist Federation on the Gaza war

One thing is absolutely clear about the current situation in Gaza: the Israeli state is committing atrocities which must end immediately. With hundreds dead and thousands wounded, it has become increasingly clear that the aim of the military operation, which has been in the planning stages since the signing of the original ceasefire in June, is to break Hamas completely. The attack follows the crippling blockade throughout the supposed ‘ceasefire’, which has destroyed the livelihoods of Gazans, ruined the civilian infrastructure and created a humanitarian disaster which anyone with an ounce of humanity would seek an end to.

But that’s not all there is to say about the situation. On both sides of the conflict, the idea that opposing Israel has to mean supporting Hamas and its ‘resistance’ movement is worryingly common. We totally reject this argument.

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Resistance Spreads Like Wildfire

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Last month Guerrilla News brought you “Is America Already a Police State? An incomplete overview of police state legislation, domestic military deployment, and other fascist developments in the United States,” an article originally published on the now-closed Guerrilla News Network website. That article was in turn a follow-up to two previous articles published on by the same author surveying the global economic crisis and the revolts that accompanied its first phases. Below are both articles, combined into one, archived here for posterity, in chronological order of publication. As you can see from the embedded links, the decision on the part of the GNN™ owners to shut the site down effectively cut off access to vast swaths of information, which is truly a shame. In the coming days, your friendly local Guerrilla News editor will comb through the links and attempt to alter them to accessible sources. Thank you for your patience and patronage. Words are weapons. Write like war.

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Port Militarization Resistance

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(Yet another in our series of articles written for by users of the now closed online community, originally published Thu, 15 Mar 2007)

In escalation of tactics, activists trying to stop war shipments are met with extreme force

Port Militarization Resistance is organized to end our community’s complicity in the illegal occupation of Iraq by stopping the U.S. Military’s use of the Port of Olympia.“ —PMR statement of purpose, 1/21/07

Two heavily reinforced police barricades, each with an estimated two hundred and fifty riot police, guarded strategic transport points near the Port of Tacoma. It was 3:30 AM on Saturday morning, in the middle of a long night of protests against the shipment of large armored military convoys through the town and port. Breath clinging to the cold night air of the Pacific Northwest, activists moved from one police barricade to the other, intending to undertake a non-violent act of civil disobedience by sitting down in the road and allowing themselves to be arrested. The police, apparently, had other plans.

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It Takes Conviction

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(This article is another in our series of articles written for by users of the now closed online community, originally published Wed, 28 Nov 2007)

In an exclusive GNN collaborative interview, “saboteur” nuns speak about their lives of nonviolent civil resistance

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.“ —Dr. MLK, Jr.

On October 6th, 2002, as the U.S. prepared to launch its “shock and awe” bombing campaign against Iraq, three brave Dominican nuns, and members of Earth & Space Plowshares, a national nuclear disarmament organization, broke into Minuteman III missile site near Greeley, Colorado, armed only with hammers, prayers, and their own blood, in a symbolic act to “inspect, expose and disarm” the weapons of mass destruction that exist right here on American soil. Entering the silo, they poured their own blood in the shape of a cross, and pounded on the half-ton concrete silo lid with a household hammer. They were arrested, convicted of sabotage and labeled as fanatics and terrorists by the religious right.

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