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San Francisco: Attack in Solidarity with Tortuga and the A14 defendants

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In solidarity with our comrades in Chile, in particular Tortuga and the defendants of the so-called ‘Bombs Case’, we attacked the building housing the Chilean consulate in San Francisco. The locks to several doors were glued shut and the windows were permanently etched. No damage could compare to the pain inflicted on our fellow anarchists struggling in Chile: the stolen moments, flesh, freedom. But we wanted to express our total solidarity with their struggle. Our solidarity is only meaningful insofar as we see their efforts as reflected in our own activity. The struggle against prison society and capital is global.


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Chile: Anarchist injured in action involving explosive device *

Temuko, Chile – Solidarity with Luciano

Chile: 14 August Anarchist Prisoners Radicalize their Hunger Strike

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From 325:

On Tuesday, April 19th, the prisoners of the Bombs Case, in their 58th day of hunger strike, decided to RADICALIZE THEIR HUNGER STRIKE in the following way:

-Refusal to drink liquids or isotonic sports drinks.
-Only drink water.

Their demands are:

-Freedom now.
-End to the Anti-Terrorist Law process.
-End to the remand.
-End to the Anti-Terrorist Law and to the system of anonymous witnesses for the prosecution.
-Anti-prison rights grievances.

The comrades demand the change of the Anti-Terrorist Law in the following way:

-End to the undercover witness.
-End to the unanimous vote -in the Appellate Court- for parole.
-End to the triplicate sentences capacity.

The 14-A prisoners demand the following mediation methods:

-Visit of the Santiago’s Archbishop, Ricardo Ezzati, in the Cárcel de Alta Seguridad (High Security Prison) and in the Centro Penitenciario Femenino (Female Penitentiary Center).
-Conformation of a working team to change the Anti-Terrorist Law with results, at the latest, on Wednesday April 27th.

If, on that date (April 27th), the Archbishop of Santiago doesn’t go to the prisons, the comrades will begin a DRY HUNGER STRIKE (don’t eat or drink ANYTHING).

Flyers: 1 & 2 (In English)



Chile: New Communique from the compañer@s on Hunger Strike

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From War On Society:

Hunger strike against the Anti-Terrorist Law:

Background, Objectives, and Needs

The placement of around 130 explosive devices at public and private entities from 2005 until today has involved the operation of four prosecutors dedicated exclusively to clarifying the facts; they handed the investigation over to the intelligence units of the carabineros and the investigative police (BIPE y DIPOLCAR), who developed at least 8 lines of inquiry after the possible participants in the attacks, namely: GAP-BLP, ex subversives, CRA, organized sectors of Villa Francia, Occupied Social Centers, popular libraries, Anticapitalist Brigade and Mapuche; they spent in the tens of millions of pesos in resources in order to follow and spy on some hundreds of suspects, on not one of whom, incidentally, were they able to prove a crime, such that the process went without arrests until August 2010. This scenario led the actors and agents of the supposed “State of Rights” to collude within their class with the goal of redesigning their repressive strategy to make use of State terrorism practices inherited from the military dictatorship; planning also a powerful policing-media show that would point to supposed suspects and presumed culprits. Just prior to delivering the blow they recruited an ambitious prosecutor lacking in ethics, unlike the previous investigators who had not let themselves be intimidated by domineering functionaries and producers of television sensationalism.

In this way, by recruiting a con artist, the government took another step toward achieving its aim in the person of Hinzpeter, Minister of the Interior, who in June 2010 petitioned the federal prosecutor Sabas Chahuan, indicating that “we need concrete results in the investigation,” and the reply was, “it is necessary to give the investigation a new approach” (6/13/10). Thus — and as a direct result of this pressure, which puts into question in an unprecedented way the supposed independence of the different branches of government — the prosecutor Armendariz was dismissed and the chief prosecutor of the southern district, Alejandro Peña, appeared on the scene, who drags reports of domestic violence and anti-union practices along with him. Now he operates under the sponsorship of the Minister of the Interior. His first step was to transfer jurisdiction from the 8th Court of Santiago to the 11th of San Miguel, the prosecutor’s last true stronghold, the place where one is instructed to turn a blind eye to the inconsistencies of the evidence; the next step was to leak law enforcement information to the newspapers “El Mercurio” and “La Tercera” dealing with fabrications about the profile of the alleged bomb-setters, the subversive history of their leaders, their habitation of squatted houses, their commitment to anarchist ideology, their dark clothing and transportation on bicycles, among other absurdities. Following this plot, 58 days after taking office Peña and company unleashed a fierce repressive attack named “Operation Salamander” in the early morning of August 14th. 14 people were arrested, four of whom had been previously interrogated by the prosecutor Armendariz, which had resulted in their release due to their merits after those proceedings. On the 23rd of August the government through minister Hinzpeter congratulated Peña; the same thing that the president Piñera did a few days before to signal “a changing of hands” and that “this government is not going to allow them anything.” This lays bare the collusion between the Southern prosecution and the government, a situation that will publicly reward A. Peña with a prominent post inside the Ministry of the Interior, from which he will be able to continue and improve his as well as the government’s repressive actions, his missions will be (amongst others) to monitor and dismantle all social movements of resistance including strikes, blockades, marches, and diverse conflicts by which it will be possible to affirm that Peña has come to be “judge and jury.”

Today after over 8 months of being kidnapped by the state, we find ourselves carrying out an indefinite liquid hunger strike since the past 21st of February, based in two principle claims: immediate freedom for the defendants in this so-called “Caso Bombas” and the repeal of the anti-terrorist law. So far, we have known the generous and conscious support of diverse expressions of solidarity, individuals as well as organizations, through marches, forums, discussions, diverse activities, and many steps, all of them are concrete expressions of solidarity of necessary mutual aid amongst the exploited and marginalized, support without which this mobilization would not have feeling.

Today our complete and total rejection of the anti-terrorist law, and its implications and consequences, also manifests in the specific modification of some of its most disgusting and repressive aspects, such as the figure of “protected witnesses” and the requirement of a unanimous vote to grant a release in the appeals court, as articulated in article 7 of section 19 of the Political Constitution.

Because of this we call for you to take a stand in relation to the urgent necessity that the Minister of the Interior withdraw the anti-terrorist charges in this case, in light of the spectacular dealing and collusion that have recently revealed the corrupt appointment of prosecutor Peña directly to the the office of the ministry in order to take charge of monitoring social conflict. As a corollary they will reward his unethical and questionable management. This is how the plot of the “Caso Bombas” farce becomes clear and evident.

We believe it is necessary to present the vicious shortcomings and irregularities of the judicial process that we have been subjected to, all of this is denounced under the Interamerican Court of Human Rights (CIDH); in this way we aim at the legitimate doubts and questioning we are presented with surrounding the impartial process that supposedly guarantees a fair trial.

We also believe it is necessary to make the necessary efforts to work toward establishing a concrete application that allows our demands to be known and debated by all parties, that they be given the specific characteristics of this penal process, so that everyone who can contribute toward this end are invited to do so.

Finally we demand an end to the continual harassment on the part of the gendarmerie against the defendants in this so-called “caso bombas,” exemplified by the lack of communication they seek to impose between us by placing us on different floors of a single module of the CAS. Now, to put every thing in its place, every solidarity effort is welcome.

We announce that if our appeal is not heard, beginning on April 27th we will radicalize and intensify our mobilization, adopting whatever measures we deem necessary.





Andrea Urzúa
Mónica Caballero
Rodolfo Retamales
Felipe Guerra
Camilo Perez
Carlos Riveros
Omar Hermosilla
Vinicio Aguilera
Francisco Solar
Pablo Morales

Comrades Kidnapped by the Chilean State Begin Hunger Strike

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From Libertada los 14a

Developing news:

After six months months of investigation and imprisonment, the prosecutor seeks to reform and extend the “preventative detention” for another six months based on no more evidence then the lies they vomit, the comrades have decided to start an indefinite hunger strike.

1. Immediate release.
2. End to the juristic police.
3. End to the anti-terrorist law, created by the dictatorship, perfected by the democracy.
4. End to the investigation and for an immediate fair trial.

The hunger strike included:

Adhieren a la huelga:

Andrea Macarena Urzúa Cid
Camilo Nelson Pérez Tamayo
Carlos Luis Riveros Luttgue
Felipe Guerra Guajardo
Francisco Solar Domínguez
Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
Pablo Hernán Morales Führimann
Rodolfo Luis Retamales Leiva

(More information to come.)

Statement from Maximum Security Section: Regarding Hunger Strike (Chile)

It’s difficult to summarize the events of the recent wave of repression, the coarse televised spectacle cements itself in the political-judicial-police machine, reproducing and drawing from the Italian process known as “Marini” and “Cervantes” during which various social centers and squatted houses were raided and the inhabitants charged with being an “Armed Gang.” Operation Salamander ( a similar Chilean species) captured 14 people under the charges of Illicit Terrorist Association, and of transportation or placing of explosive devices.

Affectionate friendships were transformed and mutated into a hierarchical structure. Many of the arrested never even knew each other.

Who would have guessed that the idea of living without reproducing power would lead to us being judged as an Illicit Association? The political functionaries maintain that the squatted houses were utilized as conspiracy centers to manufacture bombs; they say nothing of the libraries for whomever might have interest in engaging in solidarity. Now these books are mere articles strewn among “so much proof”. The prosecutor speaks of organic proof found in areas where there were indeed some attacks, motherboards would be the certainty such of scientific proof, another swift kick to the ass of the oppressors: for all the biological proof, none of it implicates those charged on the 14th of August. All of the DNA tests were done by force by the prison guards and police.

The wiles of the prosecutor reach absurd heights exemplified by the “Pakistani Case” surrounding the complicity of mediums of mass communication, which for years have cemented the anti-terrorist discourse, setting the stage for the hunt that August 14th. Besides bringing the weight of an investigation spanning over five years, the accusers are asking for 180 days of preventative detention, arguing for an even more exhaustive investigation, which will not stop with the testimony of Gustavo Fuentes Aliaga. Normally, under due process the defense would get the investigative folder prior to the formalization of the charges, within the “Bombs Case” said folder was given to the defense after almost 3 months of incarceration, and was also incomplete. Recently after over 170 days in prison the prosecutor has delivered the “classified pages.”

Modesty cannot exist among intrusions into the intimate life of the accused, from intimidating small children to hundreds of electronically monitored phone calls which only prove friendly ties among the co-accused.

Inside this prison (CPF) we have been faced with many different types of interrogations- formal and informal- on behalf of different functionaries of the prison; vigilantes, criminal sociologists, social workers, etc. They search for a declaration or the appropriate delinquent profile. We disclose this information not with a feeling of victimization, but in order to warn those who can see themselves in a similar position, power use all of its tentacles to prolong incarceration. Harassment effects all of our brothers and sisters, friends, comrades, proud families, who have never bent their heads before a jailer.

We are to be processed under the law inherited from the Dictatorship, that has as one of its attributes secret witnesses, who have been used in the judicial processes of the Mapuche people, whether civil or military. In addition, this law gives increased sentences for common crimes. Lifting the preventative detention would not be enough because if the prosecutor or Superior Court wanted to change this decision its needs a unanimous vote, whereas normally it only needs a majority, this is another pitfall of the legal system.

The blows are not just against those kidnapped on August 14th, but all those who question the current police state: exemplary punishment for anyone who will not be ruled.

It is by this that today Monday February 21st, it has been more than 180 days since the raids and investigation, we begin a mobilization with characteristics of an indefinite hunger strike. Using our bodies as a means of demands:

1. Immediate release for all of those charged from the 14th of August, not one day more. Immediate trial.
2. End to the Anti-Terrorist Law. No more secret witnesses, no more unanimous vote.
3. Transfer to/and better prisons.

These our are last words for you all, comrades: leave no space for forgetfulness, this did not begin on August 14th, nor will it end with us. Our action would be meaningless if left inside these cold walls, times are complex, we expect to stay on top of our situation here. Let your imagination run wild and turn these words into action.

In the struggle against all forms of domination: NO ONE IS ALONE!!!

Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda, Prisionera Política Anarkista.
Andrea Urzúa Cid, Prisionera Política Libertaria.

Sección de Alta Seguridad (SEAS).
Centro Penitenciario Femenino.
Santiasko, $hile,
21 de Febrero de 2011.

(From Hommodolars)

*Translator’s note: This statement is from the two women involved in the case, they are speaking from the Women’s Prison in Santiago the other people are held in the Men’s Prison the full list of participants in the hunger strike is as follows:

Andrea Macarena Urzúa Cid
Camilo Nelson Pérez Tamayo
Carlos Luis Riveros Luttgue
Felipe Guerra Guajardo
Francisco Solar Domínguez
Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
Pablo Hernán Morales Führimann
Rodolfo Luis Retamales Leiva

Letter from Chilean Insurrectionists to the Informal Anarchist Federation

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From 325:

Thursday 30 of December of 2010

Collaborative Solidarity

We want to salute the FAI – Revolutionary Group Lambros Foundas, on the recent attacks against the embassies of Chile and Switzerland, in Italy. And with regard to the criticisms made about these actions by the political prisoners of Revolutionary Struggle (Greece), the comrades Pola Rupa, Nikos Maziotis and Kostas Gornas, we say they are within their rights to issue communications and to criticize the actions of other insurrectionalist groups. But we want to say that any civil servant of an embassy of the State of Chile is a political target, and we do not view them as we would another person because they are representatives and protoges of the system and it’s institutions.

Today we indicate that any civil servant of a diplomatic institution, the ambassador of the borders, is a potential target of attack, as a representative of the terror machine which are the nation-states. From here we want to say to the Informal Anarchist Federation – We hope that they get to hear our voices – that we are proud of the federated group called “Brothers in Arms – Nucleus Mauricio Morales/FAI”.

With words and deeds, this is our internationalism. To the dear Mauricio, we took it into our hearts. His death, and of all the revolutionaries fallen in combat, is an eternal call to fight. They will be vindicated by all comrades who send themselves to the joy of the combat, anywhere in the world. Their names and their examples fly freely. They are not the property of anybody.




From the territory of Chile,

Some Rebels.

September 11th Riots in Santiago

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On September 11th, 1973, General Pinochet launched a coup, with backing from the US, and took over the government of Chile. Twenty years ago, in 1990, the military dictatorship transitioned peacefully to a democracy, in which much of the old guard remained in power, and none of the neoliberal economic changes forced through by US-trained economists under the dictatorship were reversed.

Every year on September 11th, people again take to the streets throughout Chile to show that the struggle against capitalism has not ended. During the day, in Santiago, there is a march from the city center to the cemetery, where many victims of the Pinochet regime are buried, and at night many of the poblaciones, the peripheral urban ghettos which were major sites of struggle during and after the dictatorship, throw up barricades and riot. In past years, police stations have been attacked, and both police and people have been killed.

This year’s march convened at 10 in the morning. Thousands of people were gathered behind a multitude of banners. Hundreds carried red flags with the initials of various communist parties, including the FPMR, a Marxist guerrilla group that engaged in armed struggle against the Pinochet regime. Many Mapuche flags and banners were also present, whereas the anarchists seemed at first to have a smaller presence this year, due to the heavy wave of repression that has been directed against insurrectionary anarchists and that culminated in a wave of raids and arrests on August 14.

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Condo development attacked, bank sabotaged in Seattle

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A Bank of America’s atm slots were superglued, and a nearby vacant condo development was decorated with graffiti reading:


An outside hose was also left running into a sliding door in order to flood the lower level.

DWELL Development tears down existing homes and replaces them with expensive “eco-friendly” condos that further the gentrification of Seattle’s neighborhoods. We find it ludicrous that these condos are located mere blocks from one of the most recent sites of Nickelsville, Seattle’s tent city. And, in a world of dying ecosystems, the construction of “extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly” condos means absolutely nothing.

Bank of America is one of the three joint financial advisers (including Merrill Lynch and Barclays Int.) for GEO Group Corp. The GEO Group Corp. is a private prison firm that is paid millions by the U.S. government to detain undocumented immigrants and other prisoners. This corporation runs the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma.

We hold no illusion that these acts of sabotage will cause these corporations to financially collapse tomorrow. Instead, we attack in order to bring about a small rupture in the social fabric of our daily lives, allowing us to express our own personal rage, and knowing that to remain on the offensive is crucial to both our struggle and our spirits.

In solidarity with all prisoners,

In solidarity with our comrades facing heavy repression in Chile,

In solidarity with the victims of police violence in Seattle and everywhere,

– some anarchists