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Spectacle of police terrorism against the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and Theofilos Mavropoulos at Evelpidon courts

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A communiqué by all of the imprisoned comrades themselves

From Contra Info:

The trial against the imprisoned CCF members and anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos was scheduled for the morning of June 27th at Evelpidon courts, in Athens. In addition to much heavier charges, all ten of them are now prosecuted even for incitement to criminal acts in relation to three texts that had been published online in October–November 2011. The first one was a solidarity text to the anarchist hangout Nadir (in Thessaloniki) and the second one concerned the preliminary investigation due to the text in solidarity with Nadir, both signed by the imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF and Theofilos Mavropoulos. On June 26th, one day before the trial at Evelpidon courts, a solidarity statement concerning this new prosecution against CCF members and Theofilos Mavropoulos was issued by the anarchist hangout Nadir.*

The third among the aforementioned texts that has also been included in the trial brief is not even their own, but it is a responsibility claim for incendiary attack on Studio ATA in Melissia, Athens, signed by the Deviant Behaviours for the Spreading of Revolutionary Terrorism/International Revolutionary Front (the same group that on June 29th, 2012, claimed responsibility for the explosive attack on the Greek headquarters of Microsoft in Maroussi, Athens, an action which was carried out in the early hours of Wednesday, June 27th).

That Wednesday morning, 27/6, a spectacular terror-show was set up by the agents of “citizen protection”. By 8.30am, dark-blue luxury jeeps and blue paddy-wagons of the special terror-unit set off from Koridallos prisons and crossed the city’s streets at high speeds, with flashing sirens wailing like crazy.

Eight of the imprisoned comrades attended the proceeding at Evelpidon courts, while two of them were absent (for non-alarming reasons). Among them was comrade Olga Ekonomidou, who looked well —she had finally come out of the solitary confinement of Diavata prisons and is expected to be transferred to Eleonas–Thebes prisons, given there will be no “unpleasant surprise” on the part of prison authorities.

A small-scale scuffle broke out when the imprisoned comrades were being transferred from the police paddy-wagons into a hellish basement at Building 9, because few thugs from anti-riot squads tried to provoke and push back the gathered people (by that time, nearly over a hundred), and even used police batons against solidaritarians. The incident soon came to an end, with no serious injuries.

The eight prisoners were locked up for approximately five hours in that basement. Numerous random people, and even lawyers passing by, were asking curiously in a whispery voice why were so many repressive forces lined up across the courtyard alleys, evidently terrorized at the sight of not only hooded and fully-armed blue cops but also of a total of five green police squads guarding closely for hours the space between the detention rooms and the solidaritarians.

When the prisoners’ transfer finally began from Building 9 to the courtroom in Building 2, within a distance of nearly 100 metres, it was already expected that the trial would be postponed after the counsel’s respective appeal. Police vehicles were parked close to each other, in order to block any visual contact with the captive comrades. Not more than 80 comrades were present then, what felt at least discouraging, bearing in mind the political importance of this prosecution as an attempted silencing of radical free speech. However, solidarity slogans were chanted lively in the alleys of courtyards, while several of the comrades, friends and relatives managed to accompany the smiling and proud CCF members as well as revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos inside the courtroom, who were all handcuffed and “escorted” tightly by “anti”terrorist hooded macho thugs.

Solidarity words included the following slogans: ‘The anarchist discourse cannot be penalized; cops and judges, go fuck yourselves’, ‘Freedom for the Cells of Fire’, ‘Praxis of anarchist is not just words; freedom for the anarchist comrades’, ‘The States are the only terrorists; solidarity with armed guerrillas’, ‘Only bursts of Kalashnikov would do justice and make you [cops] come to your senses’, ‘The passion for freedom is stronger than all prison cells’, ‘Rage and consciousness, denial and violence; down with statism, long live anarchy’…

People who stood outside the courtroom at the time were shouting out loud their solidarity and complicity with the accused, when a police squad passed near them; a cop was particularly irritated at the sound of an anti-Nazi slogan, so much as to raise his middle finger. He got the response he deserved—to put it in his ass, of course—but, other than that, comrades stayed calm, moved closer to the courtyard and focused on greeting with their strength and applauses the anarchist prisoners on their way back to the police vans, after the presiding judge had agreed to the postponement of the trial (set for December 2nd, 2013).

Unlike the conditions at the court-martial of Koridallos women’s prisons, where identity cards of visitors are withheld and returned upon exit from the courtroom, no one must give identity card upon entrance through the metal detectors in Evelpidon courts area. Nevertheless, the day was marked by ambushes of plainclothes cops who conducted identity checks of visitors earlier in the morning, as well as verbal provocations by anti-riot cops against attendees who were walking away from Building 2 after the trial process was over, by midday.

The jeeps and vans of the terror-unit drove off with sirens wailing once again, headed back to Koridallos prisons. After a while, one police battalion harassed two comrades who were leaving the area, asking for their identity cards. A “law enforcement officer” attempted to punch one of them, who was also chased by the murderers in uniform, but quickly got away. The bullying ended only after the squad’s leader ordered his sheep to come back to the herd.

So, this was not just another day at public courts. To try to put it in other words, it was a low turnout of attendees at the umpteenth trial against comrades, a long waiting within the disgusting environment of the temples of bourgeois justice, where court employees were pushing back and forth shopping trolleys (“expropriated” from supermarkets) laden with piles of trial briefs and judicial documents of countless cases against civilians; and it was a harsh reminder of the ongoing captivity of unrepentant revolutionary fighters, in the context of an overt prosecution of freedom of speech and solidarity.

* On July 2nd the anarchist hangout Nadir was raided once again, in the context of an extensive police operation across the city of Thessaloniki.
Here’s the communiqué by the imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF of the first phase and anarchist of praxis Theofilos Mavropoulos concerning the trial farce of June 27th:

[ Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 ]

On June 27th we stand trial charged with incitement to criminal acts in relation to three texts that were released when we found ourselves captives in the State’s prisons. One of these texts is a responsibility claim for arson on vehicle(s) belonging to a television production studio company by the group “Deviant Behaviours…” of the International Revolutionary Front (IRF), and the other two are our own announcements about the cops’ raid in the anarchist hangout Nadir (in Thessaloniki), as well as the interrogation that followed this text…

The phrase in question that annoyed the judicial mafia is “not 1 millimetre back; 9mms in cops’ heads.”

We could have not wasted even a single word about this case. The legal implications of this new prosecution are just a drop in the ocean for us.

We know that we have ahead of us predefined convictions to many decades in prison. How could we be concerned about a few months more, from one misdemeanor charge? But still… an anarchist of praxis cannot think with the legal reasoning of a lawyer.

This prosecution acquires a distinct political value. As already shown, the State, the prosecutorial authorities and police services have repeatedly tried all innovative methods and tactics against the CCF: members of the Conspiracy charged with abetments while being in custody; extension of remand in custody (by an order of new pretrial detention just few hours before the expiry of the 18-month period of the initial pretrial detention) against one of our comrades (Gerasimos Tsakalos) while he was hospitalized as a hunger striker; cooperation of the Italian and Greek authorities for our probable extradition to Italy; further prosecutions in relation to texts, etc.

It is written somewhere that the more your enemy persecutes you, the more it’s proven that you have succeeded hard blows against the enemy.

To us, the charges that fill the thousands of pages of our trial briefs are a title of honour. But we want to stress that, as anarchists of praxis, what we leave behind us unanswered becomes a legacy for the future; to the contrary, what we gain creates our perspective.

The fact that the prison guards can keep for two and a half months comrades locked up in solitary confinement cells, without the aggressive reflexes of anarchist solidarity being activated (with few exceptions), is undoubtedly a defeat.

If the daily attacks by dastard petty fascists and their presence on the street, in the squares and neighbourhoods won’t be met with the corresponding retaliation on our part, with knives, knuckledusters, fires and explosions, then they will mark the retreat of the enemy within.

The recoil of offensive actions from the new anarchist urban guerrilla warfare (with the exception of the anarchists of praxis and the cells of FAI-IRF) against the tension conditions of the social machine is obviously a victory of fear and repression.

We do not want to let fear and defeatism become our shadow. In spite of the times, we remain unrepentantly hardheaded and steadfast. We will not turn down the volume of our discourse or disarm our words.

The fact that we are being accused because of our texts for “inciting others to commit felony offenses” means that our words can still communicate with the doubters and deniers of our era and be transformed into actions. We are proud of it. We never liked hollow words. At the same time we never believed in, nor reconciled with democratic liberties and rights. We have always thought that they serve as a “showcase” for the police state and the social machine.

By the prosecution of our texts, even the last illusions that some people may maintain about democracy are withdrawn. Now the curtain of freedom of speech has been pulled back, and the judicial censorship has been exposed. Yet this is a good thing… Therefore, we will never talk about the “criminalization” of discourse and ideas.

We have always believed that the insurrectionist theory is accompanied by anarchist practices, as well as vice versa.

Logos and praxis (discourse and action) are inseparable concepts. The positive side of our prosecution is polarization. Once illusions are withdrawn from the scene, each and every one takes position. There are no innocents.

We respond to the fear of repression with the momentum of attack. Ignorance and indifference are repealed, and now decisions speak.

The dilemma is clear. Either with the society of the existent or the deniers of our era; either an appeased citizen or oppugning riotmaker; either an eternally indignant protestor or anarchist of praxis; either rule or exception, either now or never.


PS. In court, where we’re called to appear, we disdain the judicial marionettes and disregard the defense of our rights. After all, we have thrown the rights which democracy “grants” to us into fire long ago, along with our legal identities.

Our presence there and our stance are yet another insult and an affront to the laws’ Inquisitors.

It is a small part of the total anarchist war we declare against society of the State.

The imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF of the first phase and anarchist of praxis Theofilos Mavropoulos


Four cop cars torched by Revolutionary Groups for the Spreading of Terror — Athens, Greece

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The communique:

“A PLAN Saturday 2nd of July, just before 2am and while Athens stays up under the non stop beats of the clubs and parties, we chose for once more to place our own opinions for must hits of the summertime. The target this time, dear and not least, the dogs of democracy, commonly known as cop pigs. In the war that we experience the only images of jubilation are the aggressive practices against so much the enemy as much as its materials means. We do not need to enter into logics of dilemmas, what is needed is ammunition, imagination and a specific plan of attack. We took therefore our incendiary devices and headed towards the Thicket of Nea Smirni. There were “waiting” for us, 4 parked municipal cop cars. The only problematic of our relatively easy mission was the wooden lodge with the security guards/well wishing snitches. Fortunately for them the god of luck (and not only) smiled to them and all during the mission they did not turn their eyes to the window that looked directly towards the targets, forcing thus our ready commandos (knuckle dusters, batons, insulating tape), that were next to the doors and windows, into inaction.

A THREAT Attention however, maybe next time we won’t choose to pass by every potential snitch, but go over him and this is not a warning but a threat. And something else for all you secondary little pricks (municipal cops, security guards, guardians), because we are in a good mood we give you 3 keywords that perhaps you will find useful in the future, if you find yourselves in a similar situation with your colleague, ignore – forget – chill. In any case, its better you resign before you choose which of the 3 you will act on.

A SUGGESTION In this part we would like to introduce ourselves  more extensively than the previous time. We are the Revolutionary Groups for the Spreading of Terror and we belong to the Network of the New Conspiracy. We are one more group of the urban guerrilla and we consist of cells and work groups that put in practice plans that aim at hurting targets of the enemy, whether for the decomposition of their infrastructures or for the improvement of our infrastructures. Our enemy is anything that hurts freedom and the enemy is everywhere. From the sovereign civilization, society, the state, relations of economy and authority, to all the disgusting passive receivers of all the above. Thus therefore we intend to expose the well hidden lines of the enemy that are diffuse in the social mesh. Thus, with frequent hits of a small or big range we create a problem in the interior of the country and spoil its image abroad. Particularly in the present time situation we consider that the frequent hits on the enemy are very useful.

A PROPOSAL We call all comrades and revolutionary organizations to make a strong round of guerrilla hits at everything and everyone accountable of the emptiness of life. To show that we LIVE and we are FREE in the TODAY. We are not waiting for nothing and no one.

Postponements are now an unknown meaning to us. No more. WE WILL BURN IT ALL! “WE SWALLOW THOSE WHO SUBJUGATE US”


P.S.1 the ashes of the cop cars should be considered a dedication to Theofilos Mavropoulos

P.S.2 We raise our fists to the hostage proud members of the R.O. Conspiracy Cells of Fire of the 1st period, and we notify them that we walk next to them on the path of refusal and attack. As well as next to anyone (hostage or not), that chooses to walk against this world taking their life in their hands.


International Revolutionary Front

>Conspiracy Cells of Fire

Revolutionary Groups for the Spreading of Terror

Cell of Incendiary Destructions”

Source: via Social Rupture  & translated by boubourAs/actforfreedomnow!

Call-Out For Solidarity With Greek Struggle, May 13-15

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In Athens, over the past three days, there have been two murders and one attempted murder. A Greek man was killed on May 10th in a largely immigrant district, triggering a police-sponsored fascist pogrom that is still taking place in the immigrant neighborhoods. Immigrants had their car windows smashed out while they were driving, many have been beaten on the street, and a Pakistani family had their house fire-bombed. This pogrom continued with the murder of a 21 year old immigrant by fascists in the early morning of May 12th. The police have been directly sponsoring and protecting this racist terror and have also cooperatively attacked the anarchist squats Skaramagka and Villa Amalias.

In the midst of this extremely volatile situation, the police attacked dozens of people during the May 11th General Strike and many of them had to be treated at the hospital. During this attack one protester had his skull smashed and is now in a deep coma. It is unclear whether he will survive the coming days.

It is with the utmost seriousness that solidarity is requested from all those outside Greece. It is asked that people choose one of these two general options for action.

1) Have a manifestation, action, or other such gesture that directly impacts the functioning of either a Greek National Tourism Office, Consulate, or Embassy. These efforts will be felt by the Greek State itself and would be direct solidarity with the struggle.

2) Have a manifestation, action, or other such gesture that is directly related to the struggle against the police in your own city or town. Information and leafleting about the situation in Athens will have little resonance there. Choose actions that will have the maximum resonance in your own geographical areas and help strengthen the international anarchist struggle against the police forces of each State.

The target date for these actions should be the weekend of May 13-15. This is short notice, and actions soon after this date will still be welcome. However, if possible, please act during this time period as the weekend is the time when the situation will likely intensify in Greece.

On the morning of May 12th, the Refectory of the University of Athens in Central Athens was occupied to be used as a base for counter-information and action. The building is located near to where the police attacked the demonstration. A demo is called today for 6 PM in Propylea. These are the first gestures in an escalation of the struggle against the State, their police, and their fascist paramilitary.

Statement from occupation here.

Mad arson attacks for Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

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Athens, Greece

The communique spontaneously combusted shortly after appearing:

“Saturday night 15/1 and Sunday 16/1 we torched:
– bank of Proton Bank in Vironas area
– Local organization of PASOK (ruling party) in Moshato,
– Two vehicles of a security company in Gizi,
– Personal motorbike of a cop who lives in Exarchia (Asimaki Fotila street).

We dedicate these actions to our imprisoned comrades accused in the case of the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” and tried as of today in the political court marshal in Koridallos prison. Three of those have taken the political responsibility for the organization, while the others deny their participation, but keep intact their rebelliousness and dignity. We pledge that we will not leave any imprisoned revolutionary alone. These violent acts of resistance are not only fair, but also the duty of every person who puts themselves against a world where exploitation and injustice reign and money is in charge. The individual agreements and disagreements are to be discussed; what is non-negotiable is: solidarity between individuals and groups who are fighting for freedom in every way and with any means. Also, towards the new treaty that criminalizes social, political and personal relationships (like in the case of the notorious “safehouse” of Halandri, but recently the case of the four comrades wanted for arson in Thessaloniki), we respond with even more rage and anger, more litres of petrol and butane bottles. Of course, we do not forget the famously disgusting minions of the system, the journalists, who for a salary and a career, mock and step on the freedom and the dignity of our comrades, repeating the lies of the police and presenting various scenarios of their imagination; to try, condemn and destroy lives and reputations, before “civil justice” does it officially. They should know that on this side of the war, memory and honour is in excess, and sooner or later they will pay for the dirty role they have chosen in life.

Finally, we want to say that we chose to act on this theoretically “tough” weekend before the beginning of the trial, when the police have unleashed their obvious and also hidden running dogs, in fear of a new armed attack, to break in this way the terror and fear that the State attempts to impose on society and on people who are fighting. As long as the State is unable to mend the holes of a system that’s collapsing, the noose will tighten and the measures will intensify. We must stand strong and act with all our power, until the Revolution and Liberation, social and individual.

Freedom to H.Hadjimihelakis, P. Argirou, G.Tsakalos who have taken the political responsibility for the “Conspiracy Cells of Fire” and P.Massouras, K.Karakatsani, A.Mitrousias, G.Karagiannidis who are imprisoned for the same case.

Solidarity to all imprisoned anarchists and revolutionaries.
Struggle by any means – Revolution First and Always.

Wolves of Solidarity”

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire trial updates

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After communicating with prisoners of the C.C.F., we transfer their point of view for Mondays trial.

The comrades will keep an uncompromising attitude and will not withdraw their demand against the registering of the information of solidarians that want to be at the trial. If the judges decide to deny the comrades demand, they will leave the court room with their advocates and declare the beginning of their prison food abstinence.

In the case that the court appoints its own lawyers so this parody can continue with out them, the comrades will escalate from the beginning of the next trial starting a hunger strike, until their demand for easy and free access for us all to the trial, is granted.






As they are in there for us
We are out here for them
Everything continues…

Some information about the start of the trial of the comrades members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and those accused in the same case in Korydallos prison/court monday 17 January.

Second Day Of Conspiracy Cells Of Fire Trial

From EkathimeriniProceedings adjourned after defendants walk out, sparking fracas

The trial of suspected members of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire urban guerrilla group was adjourned on Monday after chaos broke out in a courtroom in Korydallos Prison and the outlook for the resumption of the proceedings remained unclear after the defendants dismissed their own lawyers but refused to be represented by court-appointed advocates.

The nine suspects who appeared in court on Monday (another four are being tried in absentia) walked out after the presiding judge rejected their demand that people attending the trial have their police identification cards returned. The defendants said they did not want their lawyers to represent them anymore but they also said that they would not accept the appointment of replacement lawyers. This means that the trial, which started last week, might not resume on Tuesday as scheduled.

The defendants threatened to go on hunger strike if the court authorities do not fulfill their demands – to return ID cards to people attending the trial and to allow the trial proceedings to be recorded (this procedure was to be forgone to save money).

The third session of the proceedings got out of control on Monday after the presiding judge ordered a woman to be removed from the public gallery because she was shouting. When police officers moved in, they were surrounded by other people attending the trial and a scuffle broke out.

The fracas intensified after guards began to fear that the alleged terrorists were using a break in proceedings to escape from custody. According to sources, the police official in charge of security for the trial shouted out: “Run! It’s an escape attempt!” Officers noticed that some of the suspects had managed to get out of the courtroom and were running toward the prison’s exercise yard. Dozens of policemen were dispatched to round up the suspects and lead them back to the holding area.

The suspects have been charged in connection with a string of bloodless bomb attacks on state buildings and the homes of politicians over the past two years.

Guerilla Formation Lambros Foundas attacks in Athens

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The king is naked….behind the institutions, the laws, the uniforms, the condemnatory decisions, behind the policies and the symbols of the regime faces are hidden. Faces with names, addresses and roles that in the stratification of power each one of whom has a share and the weight of their position and choices.

Our position and choices have been clear for a while now. We declared, moreover, that we would come to your homes. Thus, in the early morning of Saturday 15/1 we visited Kalliopi Spanou in the complex of apartments where she lives in Halandri on Zaimi Street 38 and as a token of “appreciation” to her, we left an incendiary device made from 5 litres of petrol and 3 gas cannisters. We decided to place the device in the courtyard and not near a door or window in order to avoid injuring another tenant or even your own daughter. As for your “honourable” husband and his role we will talk about that in the future.

We see the concealment of this attack as part of the efforts of the enemy to strengthen the climate of safety and control.

Kalliopi Spanou is the successor of Giorgos Kaminis in the position of citizens’ advocate. This appointed and “independent” authority has as its mission the minimization of friction between the regime and society, and is nothing more than the oil in the cogwheels of the government machinery.

All well respected “ladies” and “gentlemen” should know that at the moment you build careers as miserable pillars and employees, the political court marshals are set up, our comrades are tortured, they are persecuted, imprisoned, friendly relations are criminalized and the seal of the antiterrorist provisions falls upon every part that resists and acts.

Know, also, that your overloaded social position will not be forgotten let alone forgiven… you will be accountable you scum and because in the days to come the helicopters cannot fit you all, the best thing you can do in order to save your dignity even at the last moment is to perform hara-kiri in Syntagma square [main square in athens, right in front of parliament]. We draw the dividing lines. We fight, we do not recede, receding means quitting. We speak we do not keep quiet, silence is compliance. We do not flinch, we transfer fear to the camp of the enemy and light the fuse of revenge.

Shame to the spectators, the submissive, to those that bow their head and turn the other cheek. We accept responsibility for our actions, we all know what’s going on and no one is unfortunate, the history of each one us is written and cannot be unwritten.

At this point we want to stress that the criticism between revolutionaries and the people that fight should be evolutionary and promote the struggle itself, otherwise it ends up being merely comments of a kind that conceal bickering and inaction.

We dedicate our attack to the jailed members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire H.Hajimihelakis, P.Argirou that are on trial as of Monday 17/1 in the political court martial of koridallos prisons, as well as P.Masouras, K.Karakatsani, G.Karagiannidis, A.Mitrousias, who deny the charges and are on trial for the same case.

We greet the call to a militant expedition of solidarity of the Warriors of Revolutionary Conscience.

Solidarity for us is the struggle itself.


we will be back…..


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International Network of Action and Solidarity – Informal Anarchist Federation

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From 325:

“Solidarity is a constant attack against the system and society, an act where the words fabrication, innocent, guilty, do not fit. Because as revolutionaries it is our duty to always be guilty for this system, always dangerous and always proud of our choices. We are not persecuted for our ideas, but because it seemed poor to us to not turn them into actions.”(Gerasimos Tsakalos member of the prisoners cell of C.C.F.).

Real solidarity between revolutionary consciences and groups of comrades is what the dominators fear most, it is the idea of a prospect that makes the ground tremble under the feet of the scum that call us terrorists.

Today we express our absolute solidarity to the comrades all over the world that have passed the threshold of prison without bowing their head, without kneeling, without regretting even one moment.

Tomorrow we will be together with them in the struggle.

This era suits Caesar since the masses are calling out “those who are about to die salute you.” However while the majority of the drowsing society watches the spectacle of its own death, mental and physical, there are still People, there are still situations of disobedience and revolt.

It is one of the few times where almost simultaneously in most of the metropoli of Europe and not only, widespread mutinies are being expressed in London, Paris, Rome, Athens.

In the face of the new challenges of our era with society being one endless correctional facility and fortress-Europe setting the foundations of the new European class that marginalizes and removes as unnecessary those who are not absorbed harmoniously into the productive machine (immigrant minorities, e.g. the Roma in France, unemployed, poor), we wish for our insubordination to go beyond the narrow geographic limits of Greece in order to meet and act jointly with groups of comrades from all over Europe and the entire world so we can join our fists against the wardens of our life.

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Letter from Gerasimos Tsakalos, Member of the Cell of Imprisoned Members of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire

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From Act For Freedom Now:

We have rage

On the morning of November 1st we were moving around in the area of Pagkrati in order to act in the framework of the campaign for international solidarity the organization had decided together with comrade and brother P.Argirou. Because, however, of the police-like curiosity of an employee of a courier company, certain personal errors and our being surrounded by the pigs of the DIAS group and other police forces that isolated the area, there was little choice and we were led to the building of GADA (police headquarters building) to the floor of the anti-terrorist police.

Despite the fact that my recognition was immediate, since one of the directors of some department amidst kicks and punches the moment when I was sitting in a stationary position shouted “it’s Makis”, I denied to give my information for the first few hours, with the hope of gaining precious time in order to help my comrades. We refused to have our fingerprints taken, photographs, dna and generally we refused to sign anything or to help in the least these pigs, holding the obvious attitude that every revolutionary should have.

The interrogation began with the usual offensive comments. That were decreased temporarily when they noticed a tattoo that I have with the word “conspiracy”, which made them change their attitude. Knowing that they would try to take photographs to publicize it I sat with my head bent down in order to avoid it. Then pretending that they would transport me to the detention room, they took me out to the corridor of the 12th floor where, pulling my head, they told me to watch where I’m going. At that time I was photographed by the camera that was in the corridor. It is the photograph that was published after our arrest. So began an interrogation that lasted roughly 3 days which fluctuated depending on what was happening outside. Annoyed by the constant repetition of my answer “I have nothing to declare” they began provoking me again with offenses and provocations about individuals that I knew, or not. The interrogations took place in two rooms, and in one of the two, where I had communication with my lawyer and my mother, an officer of the anti-terrorist informed me the last day that they were both rooms with microphones and cameras.

As for my DNA, after the arrest, my socks were immediately confiscated for the corresponding sample, while even during my transport, while they had my head pressed down, somebody with surgical gloves forcefully pulled hair from my head, again for a DNA sample. Their stress and anxiety increased, seeing our negative attitude to their questions, while at the same time outside the incendiary parcels continued to be delivered to the recipients, according to the plan of the organization. The threats increased, talking of killing me on Imitos mountain and they would throw me from the window in the case that there was a problem with some plane. Obviously they meant the plane that was landed in Italy because of the parcel for Berlusconi.

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Violence is a Small River: To be with Society is an Ocean

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By Jake Carman, The Defenestrator

An Interview with Athens Anti-Authoritarian Movement Comrades

This August I interviewed three comrades from the Athens section of the Anti-Authoritarian Movement of Greece (Alpha Kappa/AK in the Greek acronym). The folks I interviewed live in Exarhia, a neighborhood with a massive anarchist population in central Athens where the December 2008 Greek Uprising began, around which 200 police maintain a permanent security perimeter. AK, the largest anarchist organization in the country, is based around only three points of unity. These minimum core values are:

The antiauthoritarian character of its scope and frame.

The direct democracy in the way of decision-making.

The denial of occupation of any form of power.

Vaggelis Nanos is in his early thirties. He helped found Nosotros, the first and largest social center in Exarhia. He also works on Babylonia, AK’s monthly publication which is distributed in kiosks across the country. Sofia is also in her early thirties, and is a member of the AK working group for the creation of an anti-authoritarian economy. Epaminontas “Nontas” Skiftoulis joined the movement at its beginning,around the 1970s struggle against the Military Junta. He is quite influential for his ideas and articulateness. Police also accused him of being a member of an early anarchist guerrilla group.

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Communiqué from Conspiracy of Cells of Fire commando Horst Fantazzini

Posted in Corporations, Direct Action & Civil Disobedience, Government, Police State, Prisoner Support, Revolution with tags , , , , , , on January 7, 2011 by Ⓐb Irato

Claim of bomb attack against the Administrative Court in Athens

I. “The days are coming when they try…”

“Whoever passed by the front of a courthouse or prison and his look didn’t darken in the thought that he could be there as the culprit, then he did not live his time with integrity and dignity”

The attack on the Administrative Court is dedicated with all our fire to our brothers (G.Tsakalos, P.Argirou, H.Hajimihelakis) of the prisoner’s cell of the members of Conspiracy Cells of Fire. Our comrades and the honest minority of dignified revolutionary Persons political and civil, are not just a piece of our struggle, are not only an aspect of our action, but their choices, attitudes and dignity are the struggle itself as a whole, they are the substance.

Justice is a spider web, catching small prey and swallowing them, while allowing the big reptiles to penetrate and dominate it. Whoever disagrees can visit the prisons to see all these drug addicts and poor devils that fill them up and look around in there to find any businessman or politician who is responsible for the biggest robberies and the most brutal degradation of our lives. So in sight of the political court marshal that’s prepared for January 17th for our Revolutionary Organization CONSPIRACY CELLS OF FIRE we will be sharp and relentless in our options and actions.

If some believe that our Brothers are easy prey and ‘Cook’ the menu of penalties they wish them to contribute to pay dearly for the bill, we would like to inform them they are just fooling themselves and that from here on their personal safety is in immediate danger. So it would good that in the upcoming trial the judges wear black balaclavas and don’t mention their names ever and anywhere. It is “unfortunate” that the system leaves its simple puppets to be targeted so easily and also think that it will escape so easily. It’s a “shame” that these “people” need 24 hour police protection and are afraid to open a letter or a folder. It is a “shame” to believe that they can sleep with a clear conscience when their decisions are the carbon copy of the files of the Anti-Terrorist police in order to judge the Conspiracy. To judge an idea, a proposal, a plan that makes something more beautiful against this world.

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