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Letter from Gerasimos Tsakalos, Member of the Cell of Imprisoned Members of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire

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From Act For Freedom Now:

We have rage

On the morning of November 1st we were moving around in the area of Pagkrati in order to act in the framework of the campaign for international solidarity the organization had decided together with comrade and brother P.Argirou. Because, however, of the police-like curiosity of an employee of a courier company, certain personal errors and our being surrounded by the pigs of the DIAS group and other police forces that isolated the area, there was little choice and we were led to the building of GADA (police headquarters building) to the floor of the anti-terrorist police.

Despite the fact that my recognition was immediate, since one of the directors of some department amidst kicks and punches the moment when I was sitting in a stationary position shouted “it’s Makis”, I denied to give my information for the first few hours, with the hope of gaining precious time in order to help my comrades. We refused to have our fingerprints taken, photographs, dna and generally we refused to sign anything or to help in the least these pigs, holding the obvious attitude that every revolutionary should have.

The interrogation began with the usual offensive comments. That were decreased temporarily when they noticed a tattoo that I have with the word “conspiracy”, which made them change their attitude. Knowing that they would try to take photographs to publicize it I sat with my head bent down in order to avoid it. Then pretending that they would transport me to the detention room, they took me out to the corridor of the 12th floor where, pulling my head, they told me to watch where I’m going. At that time I was photographed by the camera that was in the corridor. It is the photograph that was published after our arrest. So began an interrogation that lasted roughly 3 days which fluctuated depending on what was happening outside. Annoyed by the constant repetition of my answer “I have nothing to declare” they began provoking me again with offenses and provocations about individuals that I knew, or not. The interrogations took place in two rooms, and in one of the two, where I had communication with my lawyer and my mother, an officer of the anti-terrorist informed me the last day that they were both rooms with microphones and cameras.

As for my DNA, after the arrest, my socks were immediately confiscated for the corresponding sample, while even during my transport, while they had my head pressed down, somebody with surgical gloves forcefully pulled hair from my head, again for a DNA sample. Their stress and anxiety increased, seeing our negative attitude to their questions, while at the same time outside the incendiary parcels continued to be delivered to the recipients, according to the plan of the organization. The threats increased, talking of killing me on Imitos mountain and they would throw me from the window in the case that there was a problem with some plane. Obviously they meant the plane that was landed in Italy because of the parcel for Berlusconi.

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Violence is a Small River: To be with Society is an Ocean

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By Jake Carman, The Defenestrator

An Interview with Athens Anti-Authoritarian Movement Comrades

This August I interviewed three comrades from the Athens section of the Anti-Authoritarian Movement of Greece (Alpha Kappa/AK in the Greek acronym). The folks I interviewed live in Exarhia, a neighborhood with a massive anarchist population in central Athens where the December 2008 Greek Uprising began, around which 200 police maintain a permanent security perimeter. AK, the largest anarchist organization in the country, is based around only three points of unity. These minimum core values are:

The antiauthoritarian character of its scope and frame.

The direct democracy in the way of decision-making.

The denial of occupation of any form of power.

Vaggelis Nanos is in his early thirties. He helped found Nosotros, the first and largest social center in Exarhia. He also works on Babylonia, AK’s monthly publication which is distributed in kiosks across the country. Sofia is also in her early thirties, and is a member of the AK working group for the creation of an anti-authoritarian economy. Epaminontas “Nontas” Skiftoulis joined the movement at its beginning,around the 1970s struggle against the Military Junta. He is quite influential for his ideas and articulateness. Police also accused him of being a member of an early anarchist guerrilla group.

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Communiqué from Conspiracy of Cells of Fire commando Horst Fantazzini

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Claim of bomb attack against the Administrative Court in Athens

I. “The days are coming when they try…”

“Whoever passed by the front of a courthouse or prison and his look didn’t darken in the thought that he could be there as the culprit, then he did not live his time with integrity and dignity”

The attack on the Administrative Court is dedicated with all our fire to our brothers (G.Tsakalos, P.Argirou, H.Hajimihelakis) of the prisoner’s cell of the members of Conspiracy Cells of Fire. Our comrades and the honest minority of dignified revolutionary Persons political and civil, are not just a piece of our struggle, are not only an aspect of our action, but their choices, attitudes and dignity are the struggle itself as a whole, they are the substance.

Justice is a spider web, catching small prey and swallowing them, while allowing the big reptiles to penetrate and dominate it. Whoever disagrees can visit the prisons to see all these drug addicts and poor devils that fill them up and look around in there to find any businessman or politician who is responsible for the biggest robberies and the most brutal degradation of our lives. So in sight of the political court marshal that’s prepared for January 17th for our Revolutionary Organization CONSPIRACY CELLS OF FIRE we will be sharp and relentless in our options and actions.

If some believe that our Brothers are easy prey and ‘Cook’ the menu of penalties they wish them to contribute to pay dearly for the bill, we would like to inform them they are just fooling themselves and that from here on their personal safety is in immediate danger. So it would good that in the upcoming trial the judges wear black balaclavas and don’t mention their names ever and anywhere. It is “unfortunate” that the system leaves its simple puppets to be targeted so easily and also think that it will escape so easily. It’s a “shame” that these “people” need 24 hour police protection and are afraid to open a letter or a folder. It is a “shame” to believe that they can sleep with a clear conscience when their decisions are the carbon copy of the files of the Anti-Terrorist police in order to judge the Conspiracy. To judge an idea, a proposal, a plan that makes something more beautiful against this world.

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Update on Fire Cells Conspiracy and recent arrests in Greece

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From This Is Our Job:

On November 1, two anarchist comrades—24-year-old Gerasimos Tsakalos and 22-year-old Panayiotis Argyrou—were arrested in Athens after attempting to mail package-bombs to various embassies. While Tsakalos was known to police simply because he is an anarchist, Argyrou had a warrant out for his arrest since October 2009 on charges of belonging to the Fire Cells Conspiracy, and he was also awaiting trial for allegedly torching a public bus two years ago. On November 22, Tsakalos, Argyrou, and Harilaos “Haris” Hatzimichelakis—who has been in pretrial detention since September 2009—released letters (Tsakalos and Argyrou’s letter, Hatzimichelakis’ letter) in which they admitted to being members of the Fire Cells Conspiracy.

On November 25, the Fire Cells Conspiracy claimed responsibility for mailing the package-bombs.

On December 4 and the days that followed, a massive counterterrorism operation took place in and around the Athens metropolitan area. Pigs raided and searched a number of homes and arrested several comrades. Among the six people (five men and one woman) later imprisoned were Giorgos Karagiannidis and Alexandros Mitrousias, both of whom had warrants out for their arrest since September 2009 on charges related to the Fire Cells Conspiracy case. Karagiannidis was arrested at an apartment in Piraeus. Mitrousias and another comrade, Constantinos Sakkas, were arrested as they were leaving a garage in the Nea Smyrni neighborhood. They allegedly had a bag in their possession containing two Glock pistols, a Skorpion submachine gun, and a hand grenade. In the garage, police also found three submachine guns, seven pistols of different manufacture, 50 kilograms of ANFO explosive, four hand grenades, three AK-47 assault rifles, a silencer, a large quantity of bullets, and 200 grams of TNT. At another location, the pigs found more than 30 fake ID cards, as well as other “contraband.” Karagiannidis and Mitrousias both denied having any relationship to the Fire Cells Conspiracy. Their arrest warrants, as well as warrants for others, were issued at the end of September 2009 on the basis of fingerprints found at Hatzimichelakis’ home—the notorious “safe house” in the Halandri neighborhood, where everything began. Since all the weapons were clean, the authorities were unable to link the six people arrested on December 4—some of whom don’t know one another and were arrested in different places—to any specific attacks, so they are now talking about “a new terrorist organization.” Due to our not wanting to release news based exclusively on police statements and articles in the bourgeois press, we consciously avoided writing anything about these events in the hope that those arrested would speak for themselves. A week ago, one of those arrested—well-known anarchist Christos Politis—released a letter that we intend to translate as soon as possible.

On December 22, Hatzimichelakis, Argyrou, and Tsakalos released a statement saying that Karagiannidis and Mitrousias have nothing to do with the Fire Cells Conspiracy.

On January 17, the first Fire Cells Conspiracy trial will take place in the courtroom at Korydallos Prison, and the group has called for solidarity. The thirteen people facing trial are: Panayiotis “Takis” Masouras (in pretrial detention since September 2009, he denies membership), Harilaos “Haris” Hatzimichelakis (in pretrial detention since September 2009, he recently admitted to membership), Konstantina “Nina” Karakatsani (at large since September 2009 and in pretrial detention since April 2010, she denies membership), Panayiotis Argyrou (at large since September 2009 and in pretrial detention since November 2010, he admitted to membership), Alexandros Mitrousias (at large since September 2009 and imprisoned on December 4, 2010, he denies membership), Giorgos Karagiannidis (at large since September 2009 and imprisoned on December 4, 2010, he denies membership), Emmanouil “Manolis” Yiospas (arrested in September 2009 and released on probation in April 2010), Nikos Vogiatzakis (imprisoned in February 2010 for one month and subsequently released on probation), Errikos Rallis (at large since November 2009, arrested in March 2010, and released on probation a few days later), plus four people who have warrants out for their arrest (three since October 2009, with the fourth being Gerasimos Tsakalos’ older brother, whose arrest warrant was issued a week after Gerasimos was arrested for the package-bombs). Absent from the list is Gerasimos Tsakalos, who will likely be tried at a later date.

From Culmine (December 29, 2010) via Indymedia Barcelona (December 28, 2010)

International Call for Solidarity from members of Revolutionary Struggle (Greece)

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We are three political prisoners, members of the armed group Revolutionary Struggle [Epanastatikos Agonas], and we send you militant greetings from the Greek prisons.

We were arrested in April 2010 along with other three comrades who are being accused of involvement in the organization. Since then, we have been on pretrial detention [under the terrorism act], waiting to be referred to a trial in the first months of 2011.

In an open political letter to society, the three of us claimed political responsibility for our participation in the organization of Revolutionary Struggle. In this way, we defended our actions which were directed against the Capital and the State, and contributed through practice and speech towards the overthrow of the State and capitalism, aiming at social revolution, at a non-statist, anti-authoritarian, communal and communist society, in which assemblies and councils of the people will undertake social, political and economic operation and management.

By claiming political responsibility, we also want to defend the armed struggle, and to highlight its timelessness and importance within the broader struggle for the overthrow and social revolution. Most importantly, we want to highlight its relevance and necessity for our times. It is our belief that the appropriate objective conditions for the overthrow of capitalism have developed in this era of global economic crisis more than in any other time since the Second World War.
Also, by undertaking political responsibility we wanted to restore the memory and honour of our comrade Lambros Foundas, who was a member of the Revolutionary Struggle and was killed in an armed clash with cops in March 2010 during an attempted expropriation of a car –a preparatory action of a wider action plan of our organization.

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Communique for the Arrested Comrades by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

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Declaration for the 1st November letter-bombing against European State targets by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

(Read also the Letters of Gerasimos Tsakalos, Panagiotis Argyrou and Harris Hatzimichelakis, plus the International Call for Solidarity.)

Currently our three brothers, three members of our group are incarcerated in the prisons of Greek democracy. Their absence from our side is not rectified through the text of a proclamation. The words seem hopelessly small and insignificant against the intensity of situations and emotions that we share with them.

But even during these moments, when the walls and bars of the prison rise among us, nothing has changed…

Gerasimos Tsakalos, Panagiotis Argyrou and Harris Hatzimichelakis through the uncompromising attitude and the proclamation of responsibility, as members of the Conspiracy, give us the signal for the continuation of hostilities. In their pride we find our pride and in their smile, our smile.

Panagiotis and Gerasimos, two of the most honest and decent rebels, during the past year and a half, had passed to the forefront of illegality, taking a choice to keep a constant fighting stance towards the system and its pimps.

Harris imprisoned for a year and a half, in order to protect his wider friendly environment from being targeted by the police (in total 17 people were charged for participation in the conspiracy, based on many fingerprints that were found at the home of Harris). Harris refused at the beginning to admit to the fact that he is a member of the group. But after the recent arrest of our 2 brothers, his honor and pride as a rebel led him to proclaim political responsibility of participating in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

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International Solidarity Call by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

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“We think of solidarity as a way of being accomplices, of taking reciprocal pleasure and in no way consider it a duty, a sacrifice for the “good and sacred cause”, because it is our own cause, i.e. ourselves. Revolutionary solidarity should be demonstrated incessantly, precisely because it contributes to widening what we are already doing.” —Pierleone Porcu


International Revolutionary Front


Another reason of our action, via the mass sending of incendiary parcels to embassies and European leaders, was so we can make an international call.

We therefore call to all lengths and widths of the earth, from Europe to Latin America, for the strengthening of the revolutionary war. We organize internationally and aim at the enemy. We can’t wait to see the subversive elements flooding the streets and the guerrilla groups striking again and again. All means unlock and go on the table without taboos and fetishisation. On the demonstrations we smash the heads of cops, banks are robbed and are delivered to flames, bombs blow up governmental buildings, guns execute politicians, journalists, cops, judges, as well as all sorts of protectors of this world.

This way, step by step, the domestic internal enemy becomes even more dangerous for them. Also solidarity, one of the most powerful and authentic weapons of revolutionary forces, acquires a stronger and coordinated cry. To the mass arrests on a protest in Belgium we in reprisal will put bombs in Greece and when a revolutionary team is jailed in Chile, Argentina should fill with rubble from the attacks of comrades. For us the dead guerrillas and prisoners are not a point of truce, on the contrary they become the motive force of the exacerbation of revolutionary processes. This is why we believe that Solidarity should become more an armed stubbornness of today and not a humanitarian protest of reform.

On the 17th January 2011 in Athens, will be the trial for the case of our revolutionary organization. In this are being tried some our proud members, some revolutionaries and other anarchists because of personal relations with the accused. It is of no value to speak of the trial, since we define ourselves outside the limits of juridical authorities. What has substance is the expression of aggressive solidarity to the comrades that are accused and are in prison for this case. For us, despite the man-hunt that has been unleashed against us by the police, as well as the recent arrest of our 2 members, nothing can stop the continuous and evolutionary course of our action.

In our decision to promote a battle to the end, WE CALL in Greece, Europe, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and to the whole world to the comrades and guerrilla formations to send their attacking signals to the judges and the Greek authorities, as well as a greeting of solidarity to the hostages of the new urban guerrilla warfare. Let this trial become another reason for action in the Revolutionary War.