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Introducing the Ludd-Kaczynski Institute of Technology

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Luddites Smashing Loom

An Anti-Civilization / Post-Civilization Think Tank

From Ludd-Kaczynski Tech:

The Ludd-Kaczynski Institute of Technology is an open, decentralized, autonomous, incorporeal think tank of ludic neo-luddites. We are anti-ideological, meaning that rather than serving our ideas, our ideas serve us. We explore themes including but not limited to anti-civ, post-civ, green anarchy, primitivism and anarcho-primitivism, etc., but hold to no pre-established canons or conventions therein, beyond the point which they are useful to us in achieving total collective liberation for all beings and the Earth itself.

Though we question and discuss the inherent nature of technology, we are not ideologically anti-technology, by which we mean we recognize that the master’s tools can indeed be used to bring down the master’s house, and that a radical critique of technology will always hinge upon specific semantic articulations of the word (and concept of) “technology.” Ideological adherence to one specific, static semantic definition and understanding is not only unnecessary, it is also inhibiting of critical thought. Well-defined yet differing semantic understandings and definitions can come in extremely useful in equally different contexts. Words and language are a tool—a technology—and a very malleable one at that. Only in adherence to semantic rigidity do we decrease our potential to use this tool subversively.

In the context of global climate chaos, ecological instability and collapse, and the eminent demise of industrial civilization (including the social consequences that come with it), the important question is perhaps the level of technology—defined in this case simply as externalized tools—appropriate in creating and perpetuating a truly egalitarian, liberated, and ecologically sustainable mode of living upon this planet.

For a discussion regarding the potential contradiction, if not outright hypocrisy, of utilizing technology to spread anti-technological arguments and critiques, we recommend An Open Letter on Technology and Mediation.

Contact us at ludd-kaczynski-tech (at) riseup (dot) net


The Evolution Will Not be Televised: A Green Anarchist Reply to James J. Lee

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Yesterday an unusual story arose out of the usual static emanating from the news media. A middle-aged man stormed the Discovery Channel headquarters in Maryland, USA and took hostages. A standoff ensued between the man and police, ending when the police killed the man, Jason J. Lee. Not long after the situation was brought to a head, Lee’s manifesto came out. Evidently Lee held some very singular views regarding civilization, and demanded the Discovery Channel air programming elaborating his views.

Lee has already been stuck with the dismissive label of insanity by those who wield unseemly degrees of control over common discourse—the very capitalist media he targeted. Doubtless Lee was possessed of an unstable psychology. In the coming days the capitalist news media will thoroughly flesh out his psychological profile, and use this as an excuse to avoid examining his odd philosophy. Soon the news cycle will move on to some other events and Lee will leave the common consciousness as quickly as he appeared.

Before that happens, I have decided to seize the moment and compare the theory and actions of James Lee to those of Green Anarchism. Though clearly the work of a troubled, desperate and erratic mind, Lee’s manifesto raises many important points too often excluded in common discourse. His manifesto bears many similarities to Green Anarchist thought, yet is obviously uninformed by the rich theoretical tradition that has developed within the Green Anarchist milieu in the past few decades. In this essay I will attempt to demonstrate that, though Lee’s personal views do not appear to have been coherently processed in his own mind, that they are but one manifestation of a trend which is quickly growing in ranks. I call this trend the anti-civilization movement.

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