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May Day 2010: US Army Blackhawk Helicopters Land at Wounded Knee

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To the Original Peoples of the Fourth World and all International Press Services:

At high noon today US Army helicopters of the US Seventh Cavalry air division attempted to land their Blackhawk aircraft upon Lakota Sacred Burial grounds in South Dakota. The presence of military aircraft from this unit is a sad and insulting reminder of the slaughter of more than 300 American Aboriginals on December 29,1890 when soldiers of the US 7th Cavalry gunned down more than 300 Aboriginal Minneconjou Lakota refugee children, women, infants and the elderly at what is now called Wounded Knee in South Dakota Indian Country. The military then left the bodies of their victims to decay unburied in the driving snow.

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State of Emergency Declared on the Pine Ridge Reservation

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From Kamora Herrington via Facebook:

A State of Emergency has been declared on the Pine Ridge Lakota “Sioux” Indian Reservation. People have died. Many more people are at risk of freezing to death. Another cold front is coming in, yet where is the national media coverage?

Does the ‘Lacreek Electric Company’ – a non-Indian utility often thought to be prejudice, care that people are suffering, since they are pulling meters every day? (which is illegal throughout the rest of the u.s. during the winter months).

What will Obama and the federal government do about this? While they dig out Haitians, indigenous people right here may freeze to death. What are we going to do about it?

Help put this message out for help. The children and families of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation need our help now. It is urgent that all 40,000 residents of the Oglala Nation have electricity and propane.

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Love letters and hate mail from the Wild Coast

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Zoe No 2010

I get love letters. I get death threats. Out here on Coast Salish territory — Vancouver Island, British Columbia — land barons and developers are rushing to carve up the last of the Wild West frontier. Cold cash and brute force have always worked to subdue the land and anyone in their way … until now. The bullies have met their match! It’s a fascinating time for environmental activists on Canada’s west coast.

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Zoe Blunt is a contributor to Guerrilla News. Read more at her blog, Wild Coast

O Canada, the home of native lands

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By David Sugar

While it is funny at first to hear a nation filled with squatters singing of their “native land”, the humor wore off a long time ago. One really has to have a good idea of what is happening in the real Kanienkehaka, in indigenous Canada, and particularly the Haudenosaune lands, to fully comprehend what is today the British dominion of Canada.

First it is essential to consider that while there is a “government”, it is essentially the colonial caretaker of what is claimed to be the Queen’s “property”. Recent colonial administrations, such as the present Harper government, are actively trying to sell the land and resources, including so called “human resources”, of a privately instituted and legally registered holding company, “Canada Inc”, to other private companies. Imagine living by a lake and finding one day you, your house, and the lake you fish at are now the private property of a corporation, a modern form of direct slavery. The one inconvenient problem with all this is that the lands of British Canada is actually held under what is called “Aboriginal Title”, and hence the original inhabitants, and not, as claimed, by the crown.

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