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Interview with a Grower

Posted in General News, Government with tags , on October 11, 2010 by Nathaniel Mayer

By Nathaniel Mayer

In a few weeks, Californians will decide if marijuana will be decriminalized and made legal to cultivate under Proposition 19. A majority of California’s people believe Prop. 19 should pass in November according to a recent poll by the “Public Policy Institute of California”. There are other multiple polls that are indicating it will be voted in by at least a slim 3%-6% margin. It may come as a surprise though, that many people who currently are involved in the growing and selling of Medical Marijuana are not proponents of Prop. 19. These people are currently working within this new “Grey Market” are getting by just fine without things getting mucked up by changing the rules all over again.

I spoke with one expert Northern California grower who says he will be voting “No” on Prop19 and may be leaving town for good if it passes. “It won’t be worth it anymore”, he explains. He sees the proverbial writing on the wall and he’s cashing in his metaphorical chips. He’s been growing weed for over a decade and now this seasoned Dr. Greenthumb is taking The Pineapple Express out of The Emerald Triangle.

Alright, that’s enough colorful imagery. I actually don’t believe he’s ever voted before in his life. His kind has to stay off the radar in order to survive. He can remain abrasively quick-witted while sloppy drunk (he’s talked his way out of several D.U.I.s) and I’ve seen him charm hugs out of lesbian mothers in their late forties while he pounded a fifth of Stolichnaya.  He has no formal education to speak of, but his keen intuition and street smarts will keep him alive as long has his toxin-abused internal organs will last. He’s an old friend of mine which is the only reason he would speak me about his barely-legal vocation.

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