Test Their Logik: Crash the G20/G8 Toronto

2 Responses to “Test Their Logik: Crash the G20/G8 Toronto”

  1. psychobob0o Says:

    These guy were in my cell. their great dudes, keep on the good work and stay strong!

  2. underminingsustainability Says:

    Just released!!! A new video: http://www.pitchengine.com/testtheirlogik/hip-hop-duo-test-their-logik-refuses-to-back-down-to-government-intimidation/132284/

    please repost the press release!
    “Hip Hop Duo “Test Their Logik” Refuses to Back Down to Government Intimidation

    New video “Conspiracy Rap” responds to conspiracy charges with a “fuck you” to Canadian authorities

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