Argentina: Cell of Conspirators for the Spread of Chaos claim bombing in Buenos Aires

From culmine, translated by war on society:


Ten years after the rebellion of December 20, 2001, we see how in the streets the left wing of capital and the progressive sectors continue to the use the blood of the comrades who fell in confrontation in order to promote politics, perpetuating power and achieving a comfortable seat in congress in some temple of development of the state/capital, and to thus to keep reproducing and making routine the beatings and the misery.

On December 20, 2011 at 1 am we attacked with a bomb the secluded residential triangle yards away from the Department of Security and the place where various embassies are located.

The reasons why we carried out this action abound, but will we mention three:

1. For the 10th anniversary of the insurrection of December 19 and 20 of 2001.

2. For the incarcerated comrades in the prisons of the states of Chile, Greece, Spain, Germany, Italy, Mexico (to name only a few) and we will never forget the comrades in the prisons of the Rio de Plata basin region [of Argentina/Uruguay].

3. For the advancements in repressive matters and the investment of time and money in the process of perfecting the techniques of social control that the Department of Security, as primary organ of the state, drives. The significant increase of security cameras distributed far and wide across the city of Buenos Aires and the suburbs, the system of biometric identification and the new anti-terrorist law intend to contain any step outside of the narrow path of the rule of law, order, and social peace.

Therefore we say: we are going to make life impossible for them and there will be no safe place for them to hide because we will continue destroying their cars and every one of the doors where they take refuge.

From now on, they will know that any bag of trash abandoned on their property could be a potential bomb.

Cell of Conspirators for the Spread of Chaos.


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