About Guerrilla News

Guerrilla News was created as a place of refuge for members of the (now closed) GNN.tv community, but all are welcome. We are working towards creating an open news wire for the free discussion of current events and ideas.

If you are interested in becoming a writer for Guerrilla News, please contact guerrillanews@riseup.net (WordPress account email required).

This web site is not officially associated or affiliated with the GNN/Guerrilla News Network™ brand name or its owners. If you have questions or concerns please contact guerrillanews@riseup.net

For more projects from GNN refugees, see the Guerrilla Underground Network, Feral Camel, and the GNN Archive.


2 Responses to “About Guerrilla News”

  1. Jolly Roger Says:

    Great site! I just started an Anarchist blog here on wordpress, I’ll add you too my blogroll… see ya around.

  2. Hi, check out Guerrilla Democracy News, http://www.guerrillademocracy.com. Great minds think alike!

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